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Ohhh....simple but meaningful, I love it!!
@ameliasantos10 Letting go? True, I can see that too but this quote to me is more so a one sided love, meaning that special someone never loved you back that's why the quote is saying you should open your heart to the one that will b/c reluctantly some ppl won't accept other ppl's love but yearns for that special someone....sad but it's true....
agree with @cheerfulcallie but you know girls... doing this is probably the hardest part of it all.. letting go of them even though you know that they don't love you any more but it's still so hard to move on : (
@cheerfulcallie one sided love is probably the hardest thing that someone would have to go through and you know about people not accepting others' love.some times i hear story where people are rejecting other people and is basically dreaming of the perfect someone special but then some of the expectation are just basically impossible.