How to upgrade your account in League of Legends?

As in the original League of Legends, real money in Wild Rift can only be spent on cosmetic items and instant character unlocks. The developers left the opportunity to open skins without investing a penny, but ... you can assume that it is not.

There is a special currency in the game, which is spent in the Poro store for various icons, victory poses and other not the most desirable loot. They cost 400 Poro coins (or 200 for a ball with random loot). Buying them, you fill in a special scale that allows you to unlock one random image of quality no higher than epic.

It is very important for me that the account is upgraded, as I want to participate in the next championship. Since it is a very long process to get yourself a good account. I was advised to buy a smurf account using this site https://happysmurf.com/
As for me, this is the best option.

Everything would be fine, but this scale is filled catastrophically slowly. For a month of playing, we did not even manage to get halfway closer to the goal, and we should not forget that you can get something completely different from what you wanted. Perhaps, something will change in the future, but so far this is the only way.