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This woman writes some seriously creepy books! Killing Mr. Griffin is about just that: killing that super strict English teacher who never accepts late assignments. This was written in the 70s. I wonder if it would get published now? One of the characters is such a sociopath he seems ripped from the US headlines. Her other books are also dark, scary, and very popular with my readers. (I am nowhere near as strict as Mr. Griffin!)
@timeturnerjones i agree with you about how books like this are bound to exist but i don''t know if we should published them back out because i feel like people these days are so much more easily tempted by stories like this...
@ameliasantos10 I suppose so, but even though these topics are really controversial they're also already so wound into our society that books about them are bound to exist
@timeturnerjones with the extreme of how the society have become ... do you think that it might be controversial about how this book is talking about killing someone especially a teacher.. and how violence the world has become i just hope that this kind of story won't let any kid take it as an example ..
While the seems really extreme at first glance, there are so many teen books with sex, drugs and more that I don't see why this one wouldn't get published!