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I grew up in Vans and Converse - the rattier and beat-up the better! Fast-forward a decade or so and I still only want to wear skate shoes. I've been bullied into nice leather shoes by my girlfriend, but if I had my way I'd be out barefoot, in sandals, or in skate shoes. That being said, Converse has teamed up with Martin Margiela to create "fancy" converse. They look sweet, but still keep the classic Converse look. Granted, I wouldn't do any skating with them!
even as a girl .. i still need a pair of vans and converse in my shoes cabinet despite of how many heels i have! it's like my must have sinceI was younger!! and I have to agree even though I am not a skater myself but skate shoes are just so comfortable! and by the way i am loving this new collaboration too! you should def. get them well so that you and your girlfriend can meet in the middle in term of styles! haha
@ralphiekingston style and comfort are the most important combination for any type of clothing but sometimes i think they are also the hardest combination to find! like some pieces are so stylish but you can only wear them for a couple of hours!~ i think for skater shoes they are probably ones of the most comfortable shoes i have :)
I LOVE vans, but there is still a special place in my heart for converse. You don't have to be a skater to wear these shoes! They are stylish, that's all that matters. @ameliasantos10