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"Stay golden, Ponyboy." I'd call S.E. Hinton the John Green of the 70s--books shared from friend to friend, kind of hidden from parents. Now The Outsiders is taught in our 7th grade classes! The Outsiders is her best book, but readers will usually return to read That Was Then, This is Now, too. The Socs and the greasers are still with us, just with different names.
@timeturnerjones seems like we have different book styles in this case! I definitely preferred some other books.
@timeturnerjones @Librarylady this was one of my least favorite reads from high school English....I'm not sure why, but I really couldn't get into it!
@onesmile Man, the action and surprising tenderness is what really sold it for me!
@timeturnerjones I mean, I really loved the themes and meaning of it, but I got tired of the action and the writing style really fast -_-
@onesmile seriously?! What didn't you like about it?? My entire class loved this!
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