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OK, so technically it's not that old, but it seems like it's been around forever! I love how she just connected the main characters in The Giver, Gathering Blue and Messenger in Son, which was published in 2013. A span of 20 years to complete the cycle...I'm not sure the readers who read The Giver when it was published would come back to Son, but readers now are plowing through all four books.
@librarylady oh gosh! there's movie?!?!? i must say even though as a middle school kid i did not enjoy this as much BUT for some reason it's one of those book that is forever imprinted in my head! and i will def. have to check out the movie too and you are right with these kind of books the movie better be good!
@ameliasantos10, there's a movie of The Giver coming out soon! Crossing my fingers it will be as good as the book.
@librarylady i remember this was one of the first book that i actually enjoyed in class back in middle school! and wow i didn't know there was any other books in this cycle.. maybe i should check it out! but before that i probably have to reread the giver! it's been too long :)