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How to Move Mobile Scaffolding

A mobile scaffold is essentially an independent tower scaffold containing four vertical standards attached transversely and longitudinally or two frames attached transversely to generate a one bay scaffold. Whenever you buy or hire a steigermaterialen, the manufacturers and suppliers must provide detailed information about the erection of the scaffold and precautions while moving the scaffold. All Scaffolding should be built according to the manufacturer's guidelines.

Control Measures:

The following control measures should be following while using mobile Scaffolding:
Always use the mobile scaffold on level ground, where the slop is no more than 5 degrees.

To hold the weight of the scaffold never uses loose bricks or building blocks.
Only use wheels that have the working load limit visible.

Always lock the wheel brakes while erecting and using the scaffold to move the scaffold, only then unlock the wheels.

Moving the Mobile Scaffold:

Mobile scaffolds are designed for easy movement. in this way, hazards will occur if moved incorrectly. Always lock the scaffold wheels with positive wheel locks, wheel and swivel locks, or equivalent means to help unwanted movement. OSHA requires each castor to have a brake on it to ensure the safety of workers.

When moving a mobile scaffold, meet certain standards not to cause injury or accident. Apply physical force as close to the base as possible but not more than five feet above the supporting surface. Secure mobile scaffolds before movement to prevent tipping.

Don't Ride on Mobile Scaffolding Unless:

Do not ride on a mobile scaffold unless you meet certain conditions and requirements.

The surface beneath the scaffold is:

Within three degrees of level
Free of ditch, holes, and obstructions
The height to base width ratio of the scaffold is 2:1 or less while moving unless the scaffold is designed and constructed to meet or exceed nationally recognized safety test requirements

When used, outrigger frames are installed on both sides of the scaffold
When power systems are used, the moving force is:

Applied directly to the wheels

Does not produce a speed in surplus of one foot per second
No employee is on any part of the scaffold that enlarges beyond the wheels, casters, or other supports.

Notify each worker on a scaffold before moving it. Moving scaffold with workers on it, especially if they are uninformed of the move, can be dangerous.
If you didn't use the scaffold properly, it could be so dangerous so take the time to move them properly and carefully.


If you're interested in hiring or buying mobile Scaffolding, one of the most important thoughts is the stability of the structure. Always opt for mobile Scaffolding with so many safety features to ensure that the working platform remains stable. It's also advisable to ask the guidelines for working at heights in your state to ensure you buy an adaptable system.