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Stinky Breath In Dogs

Your dog having bad breath might be a result of various things. If he chews on something stinky, it will cause him to have bad breath. Likewise, stringy or raw food can get caught between his teeth and that is where it will rot then smell. Gastrointestinal problems may also be the cause of bad breath. You can maintain your pet’s digestive system balance by only offering him premium-quality pet food. Also, start a toothbrushing routine with your pet while he is still a puppy so he gets used to it. Be sure to use toothpaste that is dog-safe because human toothpaste could be toxic or at the very least, give your pet an upset stomach. You could also put some dog-safe plaque remover into the water dish for a minty scent. There are also hard and crunchy doggie treats that aid in cleaning your pet’s teeth and stimulate his gums. Even if you care for your dog and his teeth diligently, regular professional cleaning while sedated is still needed, so call your veterinarian Thorold, ON for an appointment.
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