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Why BTS Doesn't Need A Grammy

Hello Fam!

I know some of her were pissed about how the Grammys tried to play our boys. However, keep in mind BTS don't need a Grammy. This musical awards ceremony has been rigged and racist since day one. I mean c'mon Kayne won best gospel album of the year and Blue Ivy got a grammy for just being Bey and Jay's daughter. The song that they lost too was bullshit. I've heard BTS being played way more on the radio than that other song. Many ppl did not even know and or heard of that other song. If we counted and use actual data such as sales and hits on places like Youtube to determine the winner BTS would have blew competition out the water!

They are second GLOBAL not the losers who won the Grammy over them!
I agree about the Grammys. I don't think ARMY should get upset over it. I think just being nominated is honor enough. As long as I remember, Grammy winners were the less expected. A lot of people like ARMY were expecting BTS to win. Just my opinion though
@BTSMicDrop That's a very good point! I didn't think of the money side of it. I know BTS was one of the reasons I watched. Girl that Cardi B set was so shocking! I was like this is the Grammys right? 😄
@MelissaGarza lol ppl was trying to say bad stuff about that performance but someone had to approve it lol.
@BTSMicDrop So True! Most likely for shock value. It sure shock me. Don't get me wrong, I think it was great but it's not something you would see on Grammys. Maybe there is hope for future Grammys 😄
That's a definitely good question ⁉️ think I know cause they already know they all perfect what they do. Right me to also agree. Nope about the ARMY cause they key is to stay hap5 and feeling good about them selves I'm I right fellas? Yes and buddy I need y'all to win cause you y'all the best group that I ever hangout with. Would like or say love y'all to keep me in form what ARMY gonna do next to make me def proud of y'all. Doesn't that sound right y'all of you???
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