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Windscreen2u Keyword (March 23 update)

1. windscreen sungai petani - Google 41 for this link but SER show #27 for root domain link. So ranked link is different! Do backlink to both! windscreen sungai petani
2. windscreen pulau pinang - 48 (Fake SER). Google 73
3. windscreen johor bahru - Google 44 but SER show 32
4. windscreen kl - not ranked yet but need new backlinks now to start seeing results! March 23 update
5. windscreen cheras - ranked 36 Google but SER show 20
6. takaful malaysia windscreen claim (google #105) / takaful malaysia windscreen claim (SER showing this link but no ranking)
7. windscreen insurance / windscreen insurance (this keyword not in top 100 google and not ranked in SER but need to build backlinks now)
8. windscreen specialist (Google rank #80)
9. windscreen repair (not in Google top 100. SER not ranked. Give this a try)
10. windscreen replacement (not in Google top 100. SER not ranked. Give this a try)
11. etiqa windscreen panel (Google #98. SER not ranked)

Source of article reference : from competitor

Already rank in top 10 (confirmed by Google and SER):
windscreen butterworth - 7
windscreen bangi - 7