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4 Major responsibilities of a Singapore WordPress developer
Are you looking for a Singapore WordPress developer to build your website? Perhaps you already have a WordPress website and looking for a professional developer in Singapore who can fix or redesign your website.

Here, we have shared 5 major responsibilities of a Singapore WordPress developer.

#1 Ability to provide support & maintenance

Your shortlisted WordPress developer must be able to provide you excellent support after the completion of your website.

You may experience some bugs & errors even after your website is launched. Therefore, you will need the support of your WordPress developer to fix all of those errors for you.

At Innomedia, we always provide free support of 3 months to all of our clients.

#2 Testing

Testing a website for its features & functionalities is as important as its development. Therefore, your WordPress developer must make sure to test your website for all the important parameters such as:

· Broken links
· Browser compatibility
· Responsiveness
· Forms validation
· Forms submission
· SEO tags
· Checkout process & payment methods (for e-commerce websites)
· Loading speed

#3 SEO
Your Singapore WordPress developer must be able to write or follow SEO-friendly codes.

SEO plays an important role in the success of any website. Therefore, you must take SEO seriously for your website too.

Below are some of the SEO checklists that your WordPress developer must be responsible for:

· Ensuring the responsiveness of your website
· Installing & activating SEO plugin such as Yoast SEO
· Generating sitemap.xml and robots.txt files.
· Interlinking among webpages.
· Optimization of all the high-resolution images.

#4 Handover

Handing over the website to you after its completion is a crucial part of your website development process. Therefore a professional WordPress developer in Singapore would always make sure to hand over the website details & information to you properly.

Why you should care about the handover of your website?

Firstly, it’s your website, so you must take full control of it. Secondly, you may wish to engage another web developer in the future to do modifications to your website. Therefore, you should have all the required access to your website’s admin panel, cPanel, FTP, etc. so that you can share those details with your new web developer.

Below are some of the steps in which your Singapore WordPress developer can handover your website to you:

· Provide the instruction manual to manage all the webpages.
· Provide the admin credentials (username and password) so that you can easily login and do the required changes.
· Provide cPanel & FTP details, just in case you need them.
· Provide all the credentials of any plugin, online tool, etc., if required.

Are you looking for a WordPress developer in Singapore? Contact us!

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