Benefits of Online Outplacement

What are the Business Values of Outplacement for Employees? They include:

• Decreased costs associated with layoffs
• Positive experiences for impacted employees
• Improved productivity and morale among remaining employees
• Protection for your employer and corporate brand
• Appeal to qualified talent and new business

What is included in outplacement services? Outplacement Benefits can consist of:

Professional career transition
Written resume
Tailored networking and job opportunities
Up skilling and re skilling
Having online outplacement tools benefits already in situ – instead of waiting until you've got an instantaneous need to start research, potential Outplacement firms can help your Organization be prepared.

Below, we've outlined the key benefits of outplacement and why it's valuable to both your business and your employees.

The cost of Outplacement Services varies, Counting on the requirement of the corporate and therefore the Professional level of the Impacted employees. Some variables that determine the price include the number of impacted employees and the class of services offered to employees – like the amount of coaching time, resume critique versus resume writing, and length of time services are available. Other factors might include any additional services and programs – like a career.

The potential business impact and costs related to not offering Outplacement tools
Underscore the business value of supporting departing employees. Given the cost of
For outplacement services, it's essential to gauge potential outplacement firms carefully. You have to consider.

Your Organization's unique needs and choose your partner accordingly.

support a positive experience for impacted employees
The absence of outplacement services and other means of supporting exiting employees can

Lead to your Organization's unexpected costs. If affected employees have a negative
experience, they could share this experience on social media or employee review sites like.

Glassdoor can position Your Organization in a harmful Light Or make it harder – and
Costly – to recruit qualified employees down the road.

According to a study from Randstad and Future Workplace, 57% of employers surveyed said

They wouldn't even apply to a corporation with negative reviews. Disgruntled former employees might.

also consider filing wrongful termination lawsuits, which may put a financial strain on you.


drive productivity and morale among remaining employees
Layoffs and reductions effectively also impact remaining employees and may cause a decline.

Employee productivity and engagement. A study from Stockholm University and
The University of Canterbury found that layoff 'survivors' face a 41% decline in job satisfaction, 36%.

The reduction in organizational commitment and a 20% decline in job performance.
decrease costs associated with layoffs.

It might seem counterintuitive for a corporation looking to decrease costs through a discount in force to take a position in outplacement services, but the business value can far

Outweigh the cost in some ways. For example, supporting employees through outplacement services can help
Speed up the job search, reducing costs associated with severance.