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This is another picture taken at Jeju Island! This was a wonderful outlook where we sat and relaxed for hours. I tried to capture just how beautiful it was, but still am not totally satisfied! I think the blues in this picture are all too similar; I can't decide if this is because of contrast, or something else, but I think it could also use some touch ups! Let me know what you think :) =================================== Photographer: Me Camera: Canon Rebel t3i
@hikaymm There is a misconception that a picture is what we see. Proper editing only helps make the picture more accurate to our own eyes. :)
@hikaymm You have now experienced the dilemma of modern cameras! I'm sure the blues while actually standing there were unbelievable, but unfortunately cameras can't see the range of colors we can! The good news is there is a way to trick cameras into seeing a higher dynamic range! I will make a tutorial on HDR photography, it's a simple way to get the most out of your landscape photography and you don't need photoshop to make the HDR images!
@hikaymm Over editing causes a break from reality. Some photographers do this, but it should be an intentional break.
@dillonk awesome!! I don't have a problem with photoshop but I prefer to capture what I'm seeing at that moment as accurately as possible from the start. Its frustrating to not be able to
@dillonk well said, haha. I definitely have a tendency to assume editing makes it less accurate, not more.