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Are an expensive Berg trampoline worth the price?

Many of you who are into gymnastics or trampoline jumping have most likely considered getting a Berg trampoline. The problem is that they are normally 30-40% more expensive than many other brands on the marked, but are they really worth the extra cost, or are you better off buying a cheaper noname model? I have tried almost all kinds of trampolines over the last 5 years, so let's take a closer look at this topic today.

Trampoline Performance

There is a huge difference in performance when it comes to the cheaper brands or no name models compared to a high quality trampoline like a North or a Berg model. I normally get about 30-40% more jump power when using my Berg trampoline compared to my friends no name trampolines, so if you care about performance (and who doesn't) then I wouldn't buy a cheap model at all. Instead wait a few more months and save up a little bit more money and get a proper gymnastic tranpoline instead. If can promise you this - if you buy a cheap model you will get tired of it after some months (just look at all your friends unused trampolines in their garden). Buying a real trampoline to begin with will keep you entertained for years. I know I have made the mistake of buying to cheap way to often. So now I have after several mistakes learned my lesson.

Trampoline Quality

Quality matters - no matter what some say. If I spend a cheap model you will likely notice that after a year or two outdoor it's starting to fall apart. This will also happend to a quality one, but it normally takes several more years before it starts to happend, and if you use a cover when you don't use it, you can prolong it's durability even more. It's no fun to use a old worn down model that is almost falling apart, so get a real one instead and because you have paid so much more for it, you are much more likely to take good care of it too. Another benefit when buying a quality one, is that aftr a year, the performance of the cheap trampolin will be reduced quite a bit, this isn't as big an issue with the quality brands.

Trampoline safety

If you care about safety (and who doesn't) then you will notice that also in this area there is a great deal of difference between the cheaper ones and the more expensive brands. Even while the Berg favorite or champion models are pretty safe, the more expensive elite models have taken safety even a step higher with extra thick paddings and such. I would say that for many the Elite models may be overkill when it comes to safety, but the difference between a favority and another non Berg brand is also big enough to matter quite a lot. So if you don't want your kids to risk hurting them self, then buy a brand which has focus on quality and safety too. It's actually more important than most think. You would be shocked if you looked up how many trampoline accidents happens every year. Luckly most of these injurices are minor stuff which can be "cured" at home. But the better safety a trampoline have, the less chance of a bad injury.

Now you should be armed with some more information when it comes to buying your next trampoline and it will hopefully make it a bit easier to find the right one for your needs. Another little tip for me would be to also consider getting an Airtrack later one. It's a great addition to whose who loves jumping and gymnastics and want to try something a little bit difference but just as fun. You can read more about Airtracks here at my old post. Personally I enjoy the Airtracks more than the trampoline now, but I have several friends who are much more fun of the trampolines. So I guess this is something that varies from person to person. I just know what I would go with the Berg model anytime and not save a few bucks on a cheaper one. Thanks again for stopping by and taking the time to read this trampoline article.