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Cloud Nothings is a lo-fi/indie rock group from the great state of Ohio. Though they only started recording in 2009, they released their fourth album in 2014! I use their 2012 album, Attack On Memory, as background music while I work. It's great music to zone out to, but won't put me to sleep. As if I didn't already love them enough, they'll be releasing a collaborative record with Wavves who I've already written about! It should be out by Fall 2014, can't wait. I've attached one of their old singles, that was my first experience with the group along with their performance of my favorite song off their 2012 album on Jimmy Fallon. Here's what NPR had to say about their latest album: "The word "maturation" and the word "punk" don't often coexist easily: For a band like Cleveland's Cloud Nothings, whose sloppily aggressive songs channel slackerdom and frustration, growing up would seem antithetical to its mission. But the group's third album, Here and Nowhere Else, threads the needle just right, tightening and brightening Cloud Nothings' sound in ways that never numb its blistering, careening forcefulness. In the spirit of Japandroids' instant classic Celebration Rock from 2012, Here and Nowhere Else captures the sound and spirit of guys who've learned over time how to best harness their own vitality. On both records, that includes a periodic willingness to embrace joy in ways Cloud Nothings rarely attempted before. The snarling ferocity of past records hasn't been muted so much as channeled and streamlined. It's telling that Here and Nowhere Else closes with Cloud Nothings' best song yet, "I'm Not Part of Me" — an irresistible anthem that keeps accelerating and intensifying as it barrels along. It's a microcosm of the album, and of the band's career as a whole: Given time and accumulated wisdom, all three find new and ever more exhilarating ways to make celebration rock."