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If you couldn't tell from the lyrics and video for "Elephant," Tame Impala is a psychedelic lo-fi group that doesn't mess around. This Australian group hatched in Perth in 2007, hitting the number 1 position on the Australian Independent Record Labels Chart that year. They've toured as support for acts like The Black Keys and MGMT. Here's a quick interview with TheVine about their upcoming LP: "Tame Impala's Kevin Parker has revealed that he's begun work on the much-anticipated follow up to his 2012 critical and cult-favourite, Lonerism. "I’ve been putting down ideas here and there," he said of work on the band's third album. "Ideas for different kinds of things. It’s been so sporadic. I get a flash of inspiration for something and it’s just completely different to what I was doing the day before, to the point where … if all these songs are going to go on the same album, I’m gonna have to work out a way to make them fit together that won’t just seem like a weird mixtape. "Because at the moment, if I put all these songs on, it would seem like someone just made a mixtape for their friend of their favourite songs to play in the car. "[But] I’m super excited about it. It’s so fresh in the process that I’m so into it. All I can think now is that it’ll make Lonerism look like amateur hour. From a sonic viewpoint anyway. Definitely. I’m just a lot better at creating sounds." With Lonerism winning three awards at the recent ARIAs and also up for a Grammy (Best Alternative Music Album), Parker told us he's non-plussed with all the attention. "I didn’t really watch TV growing up, so I didn’t know much about it," Parker said of the Australian Music Industry's "night of nights". And when pushed on the Grammy nomination, he was similarly in the dark. "To be honest, I have no idea how successful that means you are.""
Definitely psychedelic.
Not my style, but cool that they opened for MGMT!
I had no idea they were nominated for a Grammy!