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I forget exactly how I stumbled upon this group, but I'm glad I did. Rookie Creative did a good job of explaining why this band is so creative when they named them band of the week a few months back: "TV Girl have been floating around for a while. They use lots of samples, mellow hooks and a have a gentle slacker rhythm and all their songs give you a hazy feeling of nostalgia. Its as though you just switched over the radio onto a Dad-rock station and between Neil Young and Hotel California you hear TV Girl. Their debut album will be coming out in a couple of weeks and they dropped their latest track I Wonder Who She’s Kissing Now earlier this week." Their music videos are deliciously low-budget, which makes me feel like I'm just watching my friend's band play around. Their samples of 50s pop creates the perfect songs for lazy summer afternoons. The San Diego Reader explains the sudden rush to fame that TV Girl experienced: "TV Girl’s unique poppy chillwave-ish sound comes from the combination of Ngo’s sweet voice and subtly twisted lyrics over Petering’s lushly arranged beats, built from samples of everything from Dylan to Tracy Chapman to, as Petering puts it, “some obscure 1960s garage rock song” downloaded haphazardly off the internet. Their eponymous four-song EP TV Girl was released via the music-sharing site called Bandcamp (tvgirl.bandcamp.com). In late 2010, a song from the EP “If You Want It” earned a spotlight on the Pitchfork website’s Forkcast column. “I remember seeing it and doing a double take,” says Petering of the online mention. “It was kind of weird, like, getting picked up so fast.” The reviewers at Pitchfork described TV Girl’s ballad “If You Want It” as “balmy and inviting, despite its narrative about a drunken love interest's sloppy evening.” They called TV Girl’s use of a sample lifted from the once-popular “Hello It’s Me,” Todd Rundgren’s 1973 hit, “ballsy.” A Pitchfork mention carries no small weight in the music business. Their often snarky reviews have a reputation for making or breaking CD sales and band careers. “They found us,” says Petering. “We sent our stuff to some smaller blogs. We didn’t bother sending it to the bigger blogs right away.” He says their song took off and got picked up by a lot of other blogs. “Eventually, it got to Pitchfork.” Eventually, in virtual terms, means one week in this case. “Yeah,” says Ngo. “That [Pitchfork review] was only about a week after we self-released the EP.” Petering says it got picked up next by the bloggers at the UK Guardian. “And, I heard it was on a BBC podcast,” he says." I always love SoCal groups having success, so I might be biased on this group - Let me know what you think!
@sophiamor @caricakes They're nice summer time easy listening, I think
Misery is pretty catchy!
I like their single 'I Wonder Who She's Kissing" but I don't know about the other tracks. Maybe they'll grow on me though