The ability to withstand shear is related to the tensile strength

But this does not mean that stainless steel expansion screws are stronger than ordinary expansion screws. Here is an example of the so-called austenitic 304 stainless steel in Xiaomi’s mouth: kitchen knives, water heaters, and electric kettles at home are generally made of 304, and the most commonly encountered in production is also 304. It can only be said that it is not necessarily because this is a comparison of the two most common materials, and there is no other treatment.

Carbon steel mainly refers to that the mechanical properties depend on the carbon content in the steel, of which low-carbon steel is the most common. The ability to withstand this shear force is also the degree of firmness in the subject. The tensile strength of Q235 is about 375-460MPa, and the tensile strength of 304 is greater than 520MPa. The most common grade is Q235, which means the yield strength is 235Mpa. There are about a hundred materials sharing this name.

The overall heat treatment includes quenching, tempering, annealing, and normalizing. Different materials have different properties. First of all, we have to understand that the general construction steel bar is Q235, and the Tube Assembly Machine opposite is the expansion screw made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is not a material. The ability to withstand shear is related to the tensile strength and shear strength of the bolt material itself and also related to the processing technology used after production. In the long run, 304 will always be stronger than Q235 Go down.What are ordinary expansion screws?

Most of us would think that it refers to ordinary carbon steel expansion screws that have not undergone any treatment and have no requirements for strength. Surface heat treatment is generally carburized to improve the surface hardness and wear resistance of the material and maintain the internal toughness.. This is a question about expansion screw materials. The most common treatment process is heat treatment, which includes overall heat treatment and surface heat treatment. Let's talk about the difference in treatment process between ordinary expansion screws and stainless steel expansion screws. Materials are compared