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There is Nothing Quite Like a Clean And Fresh-Smelling White Bathroom

The biggest advantage of the colour white in a bathroom is that it automatically looks hygienic when maintained well. It makes people feel comfortable about using it. Because of the monochromatic look, space will feel more open and larger than it is. White is a calming, peaceful colour and you feel refreshed in the space.

Disadvantages of white bathrooms:

White bathrooms have a few drawbacks. If not designed properly, they can look sterile, formal, and clinical. Instead of giving a relaxed feel, it can make you uncomfortable because you are too conscious of leaving it spotless after use. A practical issue is that they need to be cleaned frequently.

Designing a White Bathroom

A white bathroom does not have to be boring and old-style. There are many options to design a modern look.

Floors: You can start by selecting white tiles that have a sophisticated design. White marble-finish tiles with subtle grey or blue veins running through will bring a design element to the floor without making them look like a hospital floor.

If you want to use only plain white bathroom tiles, consider arranging them in a herringbone design or other interesting patterns for added appeal. Some people prefer to have a more dramatic floor, perhaps a black and white checkerboard tile arrangement while keeping everything else in the bathroom white.

It’s best to use larger tiles to reduce the grouting. Remember to use tiles that are designed for the bathroom. They are non-porous and non-slippery.

Walls: Bathroom wall tiles are available in a variety of white colours. White isn’t a single shade; it comes in shades like vanilla white, ash, cream, ghost white, and many more. They are available with or without texture in several sizes and subtle designs. If you want to add some more colour, you could choose to create an accent wall with bright aqua or earthy browns and greys.

Countertop: Since the mirror is the focus of the area above the washbasin, it’s good to keep it simple with a sparkly white countertop and a beautifully framed silver mirror. The white cabinets can have matching silver knobs or handles.
Shower area – If the walls are all white, you can break the look using slightly different colours, perhaps matched to the grains on the floor tiles. Modern shower heads with panel controls look very attractive and make your showers a relaxing affair.

Other design elements:

Adding a small crystal chandelier in the middle of the ceiling of an all-white bathroom or using white shelving to store folded white towels and scented candles, maybe a framed holiday photo taken at a beach, can all add character to the white bathroom.
With white, your choices or not complicated because you don’t have to spend time thinking about matching colours. If you want a bit of contrast, it goes beautifully with almost any other colour.

White bathrooms are timeless and classic. It is difficult to get them wrong.