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Having you here, sitting next to me Enjoying the rain together With some cups of coffee How beautiful it is I really like the moment talking about future Sharing about our life together nice it is But then I'm awake and then I'm sad It's not mine but it is her name in your future Again I'm broken seeing you describe how much you're in love with her The bubbles on my mind just disappear I just can say to my heart "If you were mine, if you were mine. If you were mine, if you were mine. Wish you were mine"
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@moya23 do you usually compose your own music and lyrics?? hahaha well i am not that great either but i am sure that if you keep practicing and trying you will be able to get there! what instruments do you play? I think I've chosen wrong words to describe what I mean. Im not a musician though I ever played piano and violin (dont ask me now) when I was kid. What I was going to say was actually I wasnt that genius in composing a music. I just wrote that down,hoping it could be a song (a dream... LOL). However, you can make it if you want :)
@moya23 hahahah i am not a musician myself either! i am more of just the one appreciating the arts hahahah :D i could play basic piano but let me emphasise basic! hahahah and I mean writing it down is a better start than mine! I can't even get that close to writing lyrics!
you are a good writer I think so
thank you @bara77