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Under the mistletoe (+18)
Who: Jay Park x Reader What: Just your average smut show Story: Smutty bells, jelly smells, a dildo on a sleigh. Oh what fun it is to ride with leather and some chains. Hey! Smutty bells, jelly smells, hand cuffs included too. Oh what it fun it is to play cops and robbers with you. You walked into the silent house of Park Jaebeom. As his personal assistant, he saw it fit that you had a key to his home for a number of reasons: to keep him on schedule, wake him up when he had a late night at the club and at times escort his one night stands to an uber in the morning. That was just about the only messy part of the job. He kept things professional between you two though, you admired that about him. He knew when to play and when to keep his shit together. You walked into his home looking around for him. Usually he was awake, "Mr. Park?" you called out. Your voice echoed in the large foyer. He heard you because he called texted you that he was in his bedroom and to come upstairs. You rolled your eyes, he could've just yelled that from his bedroom. You headed upstairs to his room but didn't see him in there. You did hear the water running though. You walked over to his bathroom to see him standing at the sink. He was washing his face at the moment. "Good morning Y/N." He said looking at you through the mirror. He was in his slacks but had yet to put a shirt on. You liked that he defied the norms. That he was a business man first and foremost but that his body was covered in tattoos and at times he had no problem showcasing them. He was in his own home though, this wasn't showcasing it was just him waking up and walking around in his comfortable state. You stared back at him through the mirror. You were just as capable, sometimes more than him, of being nothing but professional. His naked upper half didn't faze you. It never had. "Hello Mr. Park." "What's on the schedule today? " he asked. "Your first three meetings have been rearranged. Your meeting with Mr. Jung at 10:30 has been cancelled." "Oh really, what's his excuse this time?" "His sister is in the hospital sir. She had some bizarre allergic reaction." "Oh. Well, send my sympathies I hope she pulls out well." He spoke like his heart wasn't in it, it was merely business courtesy and, if it had been two years ago when you first started, perhaps you would've believed that but you knew him now. He did care he just didn't convey that very well with words. He was better with his actions. "I already have, a bouquet of flowers was sent to the hospital and her home. Your 12:40 and your 2:30 appointments have both been pushed back an hour. There was a delay with flights because of the snow." He sighed and turned to you, "Well that means I have time to kill. You're good at shaving me, do you mind?" He asked holding out the blade to you. You set your phone down and he sat on top of the toilet top so that he was at least low enough to your face. You covered his face gently with the shaving cream and shaved his face slow and with precision. You noticed him watching you even though you were watching your movements carefully so you didn't cut him. He stood up and dabbed his face with water, dried it and then put on after shave. "Thanks." He said. "You're welcome." You picked up your phone and headed out of the bathroom when something caught your eye. You chuckled lightly which Jay heard. "What?" He asked. You turned back to look at him and your smile disappeared. He walked up on you looking for an answer. "Nothing...I just noticed you had mistletoe hanging above your bathroom door." You explained. He raised an eyebrow and looked up to see it hanging there too. He looked down at you and grinned slyly. He closed the remaining space between you two making you draw in a cautious breath. He dipped down until his lips captured yours in a surprise kiss. Your breath hitched in your throat and for a moment you gave into the kiss. That moment was brief as you realized that you were kissing your boss. You pushed him away and wiped your mouth backing away from him. "What do you think you're doing Park Jaebeom-ah!" "You don't have to wipe your mouth, that's a little insulting. Besides, it's not like you didn't like it." He grinned at the end. "I did not! Have you no control over yourself? Why would you do that?" "You were under the mistletoe." He pointed up at the mistletoe you had laughed at earlier. Your face felt hot, you were annoyed not just by his nonchalant attitude but the fact that he was right, you did like his kiss. His lips were full and smooth and the way his tongue slid into your mouth with so much ease was breathtaking. You didn't want to give him the satisfaction of knowing you enjoyed it though. "Perhaps you should focus on your work Mr.Park." you said looking away from him. He came closer to you and you tried to flee from him by stepping back. You now stood in the openness of his dark grey room. He stood shirtless and cocky in the bathroom doorway with a smirk on. "Since all my meetings are pushed back or otherwise cancelled, why don't we kill some time together? Come on Y/N, you've worked for me for two years; you're telling me you never wanted to know what it was like?" He teased. You looked away from him. "Never! You're my boss, that's all we've kept it as and it would do us both some good to not blur lines simply because you want to kill sometime!" "You're lying....well perhaps not about wondering what it was like all these years but I can tell by your reaction I've got you hot and bothered. Your cheeks are warming up, you're avoiding my eyes, the same way you were when you were shaving my face," He walked up on you again bringing you close to his body. You looked up at him feeling your heart race. You could hear the thumping in your ears. His hands rounded to your ass and you could feel how much he'd grown against your leg. Your eyes widened and you tried to look down but that made it seem worse so you looked back up at him. "You can't seriously tell me that you haven't noticed how much I've wanted you recently?" He said. "With all the women you've been with?" "Interoffice affairs are complicated I needed a way to redirect that energy." "So why now? And can you please stop playing with my ass?" He chuckled and slid his hands to your waist. He wanted to keep you there. His hands on you were starting to become normal for you at the moment. "You were under the mistletoe." He joked. Despite his joking, you knew he was fairly serious about his reason for why he kissed you. You pushed him away annoyed again and turned to leave but he caught onto your wrist and pinned you to the wall. He was able to slam the door shut with his other hand to keep you in the room with him. You looked at him surprised. "I'm being serious now Y/N. I want you, and for a moment you wanted me too. Forget that I'm your boss for a second, I'm just a guy," He lowered his lips to your ear, "A guy that wants to kiss you," He gently placed a kiss just below your ear. It tickled but there was a tingle in your stomach. The rush of fever building. Your heart was in your throat as he continued, "And make love to you." The tip of his tongue met the side of your ear making you moan lightly. You felt embarrassed and covered your mouth. Your cheeks reddened again and he chuckled, "I told you, you want me." "It's just a natural reaction." You lied. He backed away to get a full view of you. You were flustered far more than he had ever seen you, far more than you had ever been. He sighed feeling bad that he had made you so uncomfortable. He considered that he had read your signals wrong. Now there was a warm sensation between your legs that was bugging you. "Look, just forget about it if you can. I'll leave you alone." he said. He started to head back to his bathroom. You spoke up, "Jay." He turned around looking at you with a completely unfazed expression. His ability to codeswitch so easily was impressive and unnerving. Like what just happened a few seconds ago, what he said to you, never even happened. You swallowed nervously, sleeping with your boss was a big deal but now you were horny and your womanhood was throbbing. "You have to take responsibility for what you've done." You said. He faced you more and a smirk started to return on his face. You held up a finger to stop him in his tracks as he approached you, "But, what happens in this room doesn't leave this room and this doesn't affect my job." He took two long strides towards you and swept you up. "Promise." He said. He took you down to the bed with heavy kisses and no hesitation. The way he moved, so carefully, disrobing you from your suit jacket and pink satin blouse to your black pencil skirt and nude stockings. You were laying beneath him, revealing intimate lingerie you wore solely for yourself, your way of feeling sexy even without a man. His eyes were sinful, taking in the sight of your pastel pink laced bra that pushed up your breast and made your soft round mounds look even more irresistible. His hands didn't know where to travel first as he let his forefinger trace the outline of your matching lacey panties. His fingers hooked under the fabric and pulled them up to tease your clit. You took in a deep breath, shocked by the action but wanting desperately for him to touch, lick and suck on it. He let the fabric snap back to your hips and he snatched up your breast still covered by your bra. He buried his face in your cleavage allowing his tongue to explore your breast and taste your skin. He pulled you up and unhooked your bra, tossed it to the side and licked your nipples. His tongue flicked back and forth causing your heat to melt and your arousal to stain your panties. The air started to have the faint smell of sex while you mewled and tangled your fingers in his hair. Why am I doing this with him? The thought crossed your mind briefly before you were drowning in the pleasure of him sucking at your tit and pinching the other nipple. "Fuck." You breathed. "You've got a sexy voice Y/N." He trailed kisses down your stomach that tickled and made you squirm beneath him. He yanked your panties off your body and spread your legs wide for him. Being so open and vulnerable made your body heat with embarrassment. Your face flushed even more and your hands shot down to cover your entrance. He peppered kisses on your inners thighs, taking his time, trying to give you the chance to let your guard down. He came closer to your heat kissing along the fingers that covered it up. "Let me taste you babygirl." He whispered. His voice was devious, salacious, devilish. You felt his tongue drag long wet trails between your inner thighs. You felt like you were going to break and he hadn't even fucked you yet. Your clit swelled and throbbed for attention, Jay sat up bringing your lower half up with him, you were on an angle with your upper half anchored into the bed. Your hands flew back to the bed trying to find stability. He chuckled evily and began to lap you up. His eyes were closed his tongue worked like magic, his lips clasped around your clit sucking lightly. Your voice rose and rang throughout the bedroom. Your fingers laced through his hair and pulled, your legs tightened and your heart skipped. You felt like you were floating and being held down at the same time. You whined and squealed; you begged for more. "Fuck right there, please don't stop. Don't fucking stop." you cried. It had been a while since you spoke like that. You didn't even recognize your own voice. "Shit!" You cussed. The word lingered, you made it longer than it was. His tongue lapped you up faster, racing you to an edge you were ready to fall off of. Your legs tightened and shook, the wet smacks and slurps were intoxicating and you snapped, screaming into the room "fucks" and "shits". You spiraled down into an abyss of pleasure and when he pulled off his pants with his boxers and slid between your legs you couldn't help but wrap around him like a snake catching its prey. He was big, bigger than you liked. It was scary but you were drowning in too much ecstasy to stop now. He kissed you, allowing you to taste yourself on his lips. His tongue was so demanding of attention, confident and cocky like him. He pulled away while he slowly started to grind along your folds. Your pussy was so wet and it was still sensitive from coming, you felt like you were going to snap again. "Put it inside me." You said. "You're so demanding for a woman who said she didn't want me." He chuckled. "Jay." You whined. "Don't worry. I'll fuck you so good babygirl, you'll never want to leave this bed." He slid inside of you, slowly inch by inch. You held your breath and tightend around him. "Relax babe you're so tight." He whispered. "You're too big damn it." He chuckled, "I've never heard that as a complaint." He moved slow, taking care not to hurt you. You bit your lip and squeezed your eyes shut. He locked his fingers with yours while his other hand stayed at your hip. He thrusts were even so he didn't hurt you. He used his other hand to open you wider in hopes to lessen your pain. "Y/N relax for me. It can't be your first time." He said. He came down to your body pressing his own against yours. He kissed away soft tears that had spilled over. "Just breathe." He said. "It's not my first body isn't built for your size." He chuckled darkly into your ear. You pulsed around him while he continued to move but he never went faster until you relaxed for him. Once you had he moved slightly faster groaning in your ear and praising you for how good you were. "You're so fucking wet babe. It feels so good inside you." "Jay." You breathed embarrassed. "This pussy is mine baby." He said He sat up again and moved your leg over to the same side as the other. Your upper body twisted to face him while your lower half faced the other way. It felt like you were clamped down on him and you saw him bite his lip. He groaned deep from his throat and pushed into you hard making you yelp. He slid out slow just until his tip was almost completely out of you before he filled your pussy once again. You moaned and reached up to scratch at his skin. Your nails drew red trails down his chest making him swoop down to capture your lips; he kissed you hard and hungry, his hand came to your neck while he rode inside of you like he was trying to mark you as his own, like he was showing you, you belonged to him. He laid on his side behind you, his one hand still on your neck the other lifting your leg up in the air. He drove his swollen dick into your furiously, moaning in your ear as he did. Your moans came together in a melody and echoed in his room. If he had neighbors they would've heard you two. "Fuck, your pussy is so wet. Feels so good. So hot babe. Such a good girl." Jay spoke through heavy thrusts. "Oh, fuck Jay. So...fucking good." Your bodies were hot and sweaty while they were slamming into each other. His cheek stuck to yours while he pounded you hard from behind. The position was so revealing, opening you up, giving him every opening to violate your beautiful body. He licked your neck feverishly, he sucked hickies on your shoulder and collar bone. You turned your head to look at him, his tongue met yours in a dance and then his lips locked with yours. He slowed down bucking up into you one final time before he pulled out. He flipped on top of you again. Your legs were wide open while he jerked himself off and came all over your stomach. "Fuck your so sexy Y/N. You're better than I ever imagined." He said. His hair stuck to his forehead, he bent down to kiss you again, savoring what it was like to have you on his lips. You both hummed into the kiss, your pussy throbbed but felt good at the same time. It ached in remembrance of him being inside you and longed to be filled again. You looked him in the eyes when he rolled over onto his side of the bed and turned to look at you. His hand caressed your cheek and he said, "Any chance I'll get to have you again?" He asked. You slowly sat up pulling your hair behind you. He sat up and kissed a line along your shoulders softly. "Isn't this a little dangerous? A physical relationship, a secret affair in the office?" You said. "Danger makes it more exciting, secrets are sexy and seductive when you have them with someone to share with." He said. You turned to face him more and he gave you a playful like smile. He lifted your chin so he could peck your lips. He pecked them again until he could kiss you deeper. You loved the way it felt when your tongues intertwined the way they did. He laid down and pulled you to sit on his lap. You placed your hands on his chest feeling his meat at your ass. "What's wrong with a little love affair?" He asked. "I don't want it affecting my job." "I'd cut off my own arm before it did. You're the best thing that's ever happened to me and this company I'm not afraid to admit that. I'm not afraid to admit that I want your body either. All the time. The question is, are you?" You stared at him for a moment, right now you were on top of him, naked and exposed just as much as he was to you. He made you cum, made you feel like you were high and satisfied. What came next with work you weren't sure but... you could enjoy what was going on in his room now. "To think this all happened because you caught me under the mistletoe." You dipped your head down to kiss him, "This round I'm in control." You said avoiding having to give him an answer to his question. He grinned clearly excited about what you had up your sleeve. His body responded quickly, and rose to the occasion once again for a round of sin. Boss Squad: @royalpandajedi @Fromblue2u @Queenpandabunny @marrickej33 @BBxGD @Starbell808 @MelissaGarza @liyahboon Fans: @elishafisher @JaxomB @EXOahjummafan @StefaniTre @Yugykookie97 @dalenalw
[아.모.르] 합법적인 멍청이들 -1- 청춘과 욜로의 힙합그룹
안녕하세요! 스토리텔러 optimic입니다! 드디어 사회적 거리두기가 끝나고 일상 속 거리두기로 넘어갔네요! 가정의 달 5월... 가장은 넘나 힘든 한 달이쥬... 특히 저는 5월에 아버지 생신과 할아버지 제사까지 겹쳐 있어서 뭔가 일상보다 더 힘든 연휴였네요... 특히 집안일 하느라 고생한 와이프님과 딸을 데리고 해안도로도 한 번 타고 왔어요! 몸은 힘들어도 기분은 좋더라구요! 석가탄신일에는 백제불교최초도래지도 한 번 갔다 왔구요..ㅋㅋ 개인적으로 참 좋은 곳이에요. 마음도 편안해지고.. 정신도 맑아지고... 꼭 한 번 추천드립니다! 본론으로 들어가서 오늘은! 오늘은! 오늘은 개인적으로 저의 사심(!)이 약간...아니 좀 많이... 들어간 글입니다...헿.. 그렇습니다 사실 팬심으로 썼습니다 죄송합니다... 그래도 정말 실력은 확실한! 꼭 추천하는 팀이니 재밌게 읽어 주세요! ---------------------------------------------------- 안녕 친구들! 오늘 소개할 인물은 한 명이 아닌 팀이야! ...아이돌이냐고? 어...음... 아이돌인가...? 아재들만 있으니 아이돌은 아니겠지...? 아마... 이 팀 평균나이가 30.5세일거야... 그럼 그런 아재들을 왜 소개하냐고? 일단 음악도 좋고, 정말 웃기고, 어떻게 보면 또 멋있거든...! 매력이 꽉 찼다고 해야 하나..? 오늘 소개할 팀을 몇 마디로 간단히 말하자면! 음주가무에 최적화된 그룹 오늘만 사는듯한 모습들 청춘과 욜로가 섞인 남자들 합법적인 멍청이들 그렇지만 음악성과 실력만큼은 어디 내놔도 뒤지지 않을 팀 아.모.르 오늘의 주인공 탕아들이 모인 친목도모 그룹 리짓군즈(LEGIT GOONS) (멤버가 넘나 많은 관계로 1편에서는 이 팀에 대해서, 나머지 편에서는 멤버들 개인에 대해서 이야기하려 합니다!) 아마 처음 듣는 사람들이 더 많을 거 같아! 리짓군즈 멤버들 중에서 인지도 있는 사람은 코쿤 정도일걸...? 그래도 힙합 좀 좋아한다 생각하는 사람들은 이름과 뱃사공 정도는 알고있지 않을까 싶어! 사진만 보면 약간 빈티지한 느낌이 물씬 풍기는 그룹이야. 이 크루는 조금 특이하게 멤버별로 역할이 명확한 아티스트들이 모여 있는데, 랩을 담당하는 뱃사공, 제이호, 재달, 블랭 작곡 및 프로듀싱의 아이딜, 코드 쿤스트, 요시, 어센틱, 빅라이트 크리에이터(무비 디렉터, 사진작가)인 권오준, 윤형식, 이동건 두 명의 상비군(?)인 넉살과 던밀스 A&R 담당의 최준환과 차예준 오락부장(...)인 해파리 상비군인 넉살과 던밀스를 제외하고는 무려 15명이 활동하는 팀이야! 이 팀은 각 분야의 역할이 명확하기 때문에, 다른 아티스트의 손을 빌리지 않고 팀에서 앨범작업 및 홍보와 뮤비제작까지 완벽하게 할 수 있는, 그야말로 하나의 사이클이야. 이 팀이 멤버를 영입하는 조건은 조금 특이한데, 가장 중요한 부분이 본인들은 '친목 도모' 를 위해 모인 사람들이기 때문에, 모두의 마음에 드는 사람이어야 하고, 그래서 가입을 시키려고 하는 사람은 멤버들과 술자리를 가져야 한대. 술 마시면서 본인들이랑 술자리에서 잘 맞는지 확인하는 거야ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ '어떻게 하면 리짓군즈에 들어갈 수 있어요?' 라고 묻는 순간 탈락이라는 뱃사공의 말... 멤버가 너무 많아서 이들을 소개할 수 있는 영상을 하나 첨부할게!(소개라고 쓰고 입덕권유라고 읽음) 리짓군즈의 시작은 블랭(BLNK)이었어. 블랭은 요시와 어센틱과 함께 실용음악학원에서 강사로 일하며 세들어 살고 있었어. 강의가 끝나고 퇴근을 하면 다시 그 학원 녹음실로 가서 노래를 만들고, 음악작업을 하며 힘들 생활을 이어가고 있었지. 그 때 다른 쪽에선 뱃사공과 빅라이트가 '야밤 그루브' 라는 팀으로 언더그라운드에서 활동하고 있었어. 블랭은 야밤 그루브의 영상을 보고, 그들의 음악과 패션이 마음에 들어 트위터로 연락을 취했지. 그러나... 처음 연락을 받은 뱃사공은 블랭의 작업물을 들어봤고, "난 왜 이딴 X끼들만 꼬이냐" 라고(...) 빅라이트에게 푸념했다고 해ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (블랭과 뱃사공. 뱃사공은 정말 한결같은 비주얼 깡패. 전형적인 미남 래퍼. 생선대X리) 그렇게 뱃사공은 그들과 팀을 이루는 걸 꺼려했지만, 빅라이트의 강력한 권유로 블랭과 만나 이 다섯명이 처음으로 '리짓군즈' 를 만들었어. (리짓군즈의 로고. 왠지 콰트로 치즈 와퍼가 먹고 싶다) 그렇게 다섯이서 힘들게 음악을 하다가 평소 친분이 있던 제이호가 용병으로 합류하게 되고, 군대를 제대하고 소속사와 분쟁이 있던 코드 쿤스트 또한 친하게 지내던 블랭의 권유를 받아 합류하게 됐어. (거의 리짓군즈의 영업부장, 인사팀장, 스카우터 블랭좌...) 이후 1집을 냈음에도 수익이 없어 빚더미를 안고 음악을 하던 리짓군즈는 자연스럽게 해체할 뻔 했으나, 블랭과 뱃사공을 회사로 영입하며 리짓군즈 전체가 쓸 수 있는 작업실을 내어 준 이하늘 of DJ DOC (a.k.a 슈퍼잼레코드 대표이사) 덕분에 다시 모여서 음악을 할 수 있게 됐어. 지금도 리짓군즈 멤버들은 이하늘을 은인으로 생각하고, 뱃사공은 여전히 회사 사옥을 청소한다고 해.(물론 청소 일당 따로 받고) 이후 2017년 막내 재달(막내라고 해봤자 92년생, 팀의 마지막 20대)이 들어오면서 지금의 리짓군즈의 모습이 갖춰졌어. (막내 재달과 뮤지션 소마. 둘은 커플. 여담으로 소마는 과거 '타히티' 라는 그룹에서 '다솜' 이라는 이름으로 활동했었음) 같은 해 3집 'Junk Drunk Love' 를 발표하며 언더에서 '아는 사람만 알던' 리짓군즈는 힙합씬에서 급부상하게 됐어. 개인적으로는 리짓군즈 3집이 그들이 지향하는 방향이나 그들의 색깔, 정체성을 가장 잘 담은 앨범이라고 생각해. 앨범 전체를 들어보면 현재를 즐기며, 하고 싶은 거 하고 놀자라는 느낌과, 딱히 형식에 얽히지 않고 본인들이 추구하는 모습을 날것으로 보여주고 있어. 타이틀인 Junk Drunk Love. 듣고 있으면 왠지 모르게 친구들이랑 자취방에서 술담배와 음악, 이야기로 밤을 보내던 때가 생각나서 기분이 좋아지면서 아련해져..ㅋㅋㅋ 그리고 리짓군즈는 이 앨범으로 2018 한국대중음악상 '올해의 힙합 앨범' 부문에 노미네이트, 한국힙합어워즈 '올해의 힙합 앨범상'을 수상했어. 이제 알 만한 힙합팬들은 다 알고 있는 색깔 확실한 그룹이 된 거지. 또한 리짓군즈는 음악적으로 접점이 없는 사람들도 함께 어우러져있어. 예전에 뱃사공은 같은 그룹 멤버인 요시의 음악 스타일이 맘에 들지 않는다고 대놓고 이야기를 했을 정도로 개개인이 확고한 스타일이 있어. 또 그 스타일을 확고하게 서로 섞을 수 있지. 이 앨범은 이들에게 많은 것을 가져다 줬어. 2017년과 18년을 기점으로 코드쿤스트는 하이그라운드와 계약을 종료하고 박재범의 AOMG에 입사했고, 뱃사공은 솔로 2집 앨범인 '탕아'가 엄청나게 호평을 받았으며, 요시는 팔로알토가 수장으로 있는 '하이라이트 레코즈' 에 입단하는 등. 팀과 개개인이 크고 작은 떡상을 이룬 시기였지. 그렇게 힙합씬에서 개개인의 이름을 알림과 동시에, 평소 친분이 있던 넉살과 던밀스를 객원멤버이자 상비군으로 함께 하며 술...술... 또 술... 부어라 마셔라 하는 나날을 보내다 결국은 술 마시며 돈을 버는 지경에 이르렀으니... 리짓군즈 하면 빼놓을 수 없는게 바로 '내일의 숙취' 힙합플레이야 유튜브 채널에서 진행하던 프로그램이었고, 뱃사공과 블랭이 진행을 맡았어. 팬들의 호응이 뜨거워서 시즌 2까지 나온 힙합계에서는 나름 네임드 프로그램이야! (내일의 숙취 리짓군즈 편. 욕설이 많으니 주의) 시즌 3도 계획했었지만, 2주에 한 번씩 개꽐라가 되는 스케줄에 몸과 마음과 간이 지친 뱃사공과 블랭이 고사했다고 해. 그렇게 그들은 개개인의 이름과 팀의 이름을 본인의 영역에서 알려나가기 시작했고, 2019년 정규 4집 앨범인 'Rockstar Games' 를 발매했어. (앨범 표지가 엄청나게 유명한 GTA라는 게임을 떠올리게 해. Rockstar Games가 GTA 시리즈를 만든 회사야. 아마 거기서 영감을 받아 패러디한 거 같아) 타이틀곡인 Credit Roll의 뮤비야. 이 앨범은 여러 의미가 있는데, 우선 '크루' 리짓군즈에서 '제작사'인 (주) 리짓군즈로 발돋음한 뒤 처음으로 발매하는 앨범이야. 리짓군즈는 이 앨범에 대해 ‘게임’이라는 테마 안에서 ‘가상현실, 동경의 Thug life’라는 키워드로 진행되는 앨범이라고 설명했으며, 가상현실이라는 장치 안에서 마음껏 그리는 갱스터리즘 동경의 향수라고 이야기했어. 기존의 욜로적인, 소소하게 친구들끼리 모여 노는 느낌에서 완전 탈바꿈한거지. 그래도 리짓군즈만의 센스와 색깔은 뚜렷하니, 이 앨범도 추천해!  리짓군즈 멤버들은 리짓군즈가 이렇게까지 올 수 있었던 큰 이유 중 하나는 '리더의 부재' 라고 이야기해. 리더가 없기 때문에 모두의 의견을 모아서 음악을 하고, 놀고, 생활한다고 하지. 애초에 친목도모를 위해 만들어진 그룹이라 그런지, 다들 서로 고등학교 실친들처럼 욕도 하고, 술 먹고 진상도 부리고 하면서 지내지. 팬 입장에서는 이들의 일상을 영상으로 보기만 해도 어지간한 코미디 프로그램보다 재밌어. 애초에 이 멤버들이 예능감이 뛰어난 사람들이기도 하고. 가장 최근에는 '다모임'과 '염따' 붐을 일으킨 '딩고 프리스타일'과 함께 페이크 다큐인 '리짓군즈의 마지막 SHOW당!' 이라는 영상을 올리고 있어. 심지어 음악중심까지 나왔다구!(쟤넨 뭔데 면도도 안하고 tv에 나오냐) 각자 컨셉을 잡고 하는 페이크 다큐야. 현실과 허구를 넘나들면서 꽁트를 찍는 게 너무 재밌으니, 본격 입덕영상으로 추천! 오늘은 따로 음악에 대해 추천을 하지는 않을거야! 왜냐면 리짓군즈의 음악은 개인적으로 다 극호에 스타일도 다 달라서 입덕하게 되면 어차피 다 듣게 돼!!! 가장 최근에 나온 곡 하나만 추천해보자면! 리짓군즈-Party&bullshit (왼쪽부터 제이호, 뱃사공, 재달, 블랭, 코드쿤스트) 을 추천해! 소소하게 신나는 느낌에, 가사도 친구들 이야기와 코로나로 인해 힘든 나날들이 어서 지나고 다 같이 모여 파티하자!라는 느낌이라 집에만 있는 지금 들으면 기분 좋아지는 곡이야. (가운데 있는 재달은 a.k.a 손소독제맨...) 이렇게 내 사심이 가득 들어간 이번 이야기를 마무리할게! 읽어줘서 고맙고! 나는 다음 [아.모.르]로 돌아올게!! 코로나가 아직 완전히 끝난 게 아니니까! 조심 또 조심하면서 지내길 바라! 안녕!
Holy Nite (18+)
(Author Note: for all my new readers, google the definition of the word Smut before you read please) & dedicated to my girl BB Theme: RL, Smut, Fluff Plot: Your best friend took to skating and it was fun, he then takes you to his place since it was closest to warm up and make hot chocolate with marshmallows and watch Christmas movies Cast: Haon (Kim, Ha-on) & You ______________ I was tightening my shoelace on my skates when someone glided on the ice next to me. “Want me to help you?” I looked up at my childhood best friend, smiling down at me. He wore a black beanie and had a face mask that had a bear mouth imprinted on it. “Nah, I got this.” When I finished tying my shoelace, I took the hand he offered to stand back up and go another few arounds in the ice rink. We were ice skating with friends, but Haon seemed to want to stay with me more. Not that I was arguing, we were way more comfortable with each other than the others. After all we knew each other since we were babies. Even took baths together when babies too. It was starting to get colder than we all could handle, so we decided to call it a night. “Hey, Y/N noona?” I was in the middle of getting an uber, when Haon called out towards me. “How about you just crash at my place. I got hot coco and we can binge watch holiday movies, like we used to do as kids around this time of year.” I smiled at him as I closed the app on my phone. “I would love that! Do you have coco puffs too, and marshmallows?” Haon chuckled and nodded his head, as he gave me an eye smile. He offer me his gloved hand, which I could happily, and went a couple of blocks away from the rink to his apartment. “When did you move out by the way? Last time I saw you, you lived at home with your family.” I question Haon, as he took his mask off and gloves, whilst in the elevator. “Well I moved out about a few months ago. I wanted my own freedom to do somethings, that I would be to ashamed to do in their house.” I nodded my head, understanding completely, since it was why I moved out too. We made it to his apartment, and my jaw dropped when he took the beanie off. “When did you fucking go blonde! Oh holy fuckin’ nite, Haon!” He doubled over in laughter as he held his sides. “I’ve been blonde for a while now too. You’re suppose to be my bestie. How have you fallen so behind?” I punched his arm, after taking off my shoes and placing my skates beside him. “Works been keeping me busy, okay?” I walked pass him and went straight into his kitchen, when he surprised me with a back hug. “You know I was only teasing you. I’m just grateful you listen to my music and support my career choice.” I giggled as I saw his sweet smile at the corner of my eye. “I know, and I’m trying, but being as legal aid, its hard to keep up with you.” He pecked my cheek, before reaching above me to grab two mugs from the shelves. “Like I said, I’m just happy you’re trying.” He smiled down at me, as we work together to make our famous Coco puff and fluff hot chocolate. He even had whip cream, that I got oh the tip of his nose playfully. Though he made me regret it by rubbing it off his nose and onto my cheek. I honestly didn’t see him licking it off my cheek coming at all. I stared at him stun but was still smiling. “Did you just lick me face? You haven’t done that since we were teenagers.” Haon gave a nervous filled laugh, while rubbing the back of his neck. “Is it that awkward now to do that?” He became flushed and looked away. I put his face between my hands and kissed the whipped cream off his nose. “Nope, I just haven’t seen you do that in so long.” Haon just smiled widely as we took out hot chocolates and went to his living room. I place my mug down on the coffee table and took off my winter jacket. I didn’t see Haon put his hot chocolate down though. So, I was surprised to feel his hand helping me out of my jacket. “You’re going to stay the night, right?” I blinked as he held both our jackets in his arms. “Yeah, you did say binge holiday movies. That equals to sleeping over.” He nodded his head, before looking around. “Give me a moment.” He took our jackets with him to his room. I just ignored his actions and turned on his television to log into my Netflix. Haon soon came out in basketball shorts, and a t-shirt. He had a blanket, a hoody and shorts with him. “I got you clothes to change into, and I’ll make the couch comfy for the both of us.” He was always so sweet and kind, it was so hard not to be happy and smile around him. “Thank you, Ha-on.” I got up to take the clothes from him and headed into his bedroom to change. I placed my pants and shirt on his desk, beside my jacket, before putting on the hoody and shorts. When I came out, the coffee table was moved, and the cushions from the couch were on the floor. Haon was still making a makeshift bed on the floor. The lights were dim, and there was now cookies by our hot chocolate. I cleared my throat, making him freeze on fixing the pillows to look up at me. “Haon, I seriously can’t with you. You’re so damn cute.” He just grin like and idiot, before I tackled him onto our newly created bed. We both laughed and horse play around. Ending with Haon towering over me and pinning my arms above my head. “No more tickling for now.” I stuck my tongue out at him, which earned me a smirk from him. “You know, I’ve always wanted to do this.” He caught my tongue with is lips, catching me completely off guard. Haon glided his tongue over mine, before letting it go. When he pulled away, I just blinked at him. I could feel my cheeks tingling as we just stared at each other. “Um… Haon, you are aware, we’re not kids anymore right?” He became flushed and moved away to sit beside me but looked away. I sat up as he just hugged his legs to his chest and rest his foreheads on his knees. “I’m not sorry I did what I did, I just… It’s just…” His head shot up and he looked me in the eyes. “Saranghaeyo, Y/N!” My mouth hung open, since I knew he meant as a lover, and not as family. I looked down and fiddled with my fingers and bit my lower lip. “Y/n?” Haon was trying to get my attention, but I was still processing his confession, and trying to figure out how to tell him, I felt the same way. Haon gently touched my shoulder, finally making me look up at him. Fear sparked in his eyes as he looked frighten. I gulped before I lean over to brush my lips against his own. When I pulled back, he blinked shook. Before I could even say anything, his lips curled up into a smile, and he tackled me back down. “Be my girlfriend, please.” I giggled at the pure joy his eyes expressed. “Okay.” Haon stood up and ran around cheering before coming back to sitting beside me and covering my face in kisses. I stopped him though and held him out at arm’s length. “I have to know though. Are you still a virgin? Cause I am.” He was fluster again and gave a nervous smile. “Fame hasn’t corrupted me that much, Bae.” He grinned like an idiot once more and wiggled in place. “Bae… I get call you Bae now. Feel so right.” I shook my head and chuckled. “That’s not answering my question. I know rappers get to see boobs and booty and can easily get laid. I just want to make sure if we do get to that point, I’m not getting anything you get.” His jaw dropped and he looked at me horrified by my statement. I couldn’t help but laugh at how cute he still looked. “Booty, yes. Boobs, no, and yes, I am still a virgin. Thank you very much.” Haon held up his hand and counted off each part before pointing a finger at me. I just licked his finger, making him jump a bit. “So I’ll be your first?” I asked, tilting my head to the side. I swear I was falling more and more in love with his stupid grin. “Yeah, whenever you’re ready too. I would love for you to be my first. Hoping you’ll also be my last.” I looked away a bit shy from the idea I had and played the Grinch movie. I then took a deep breath before pulling the hoody off, to show him my push up bra, that was making my breast want to escape. I placed the hoody, behind me, whilst facing Haon. He just gaped at the site before him, before slowly reaching out to touch my chest. He mainly just poked them, but stopped and watched me unhook my bra, setting them free. I held my bra in place with one hand, before shyly looking at him. His face was completely red now, but he just couldn’t stop staring. “You want to touch right?” He shook his head rapidly before slowly reaching out again. I took his hand, and removed my bra completely before placing his hand over one of them. “Wow, they’re really soft, and a handful.” I softly giggled at his reaction and comment but bit my lip to hold back the moan that wanted to escape. Both his hands had found their way to my breast. He was massaging them, until the moment he started to play with my nipples. I cover my mouth with the back of my hand, to muffle my mewling. We locked eyes as he stopped. “Do you want me to stop?” I shook my head no, before he gently laid me on my back. Haon looked me in the eyes the whole time. He licked is lips, whilst talking one of my breasts and rolling his thumb over my nipple. A new noise of pleasure came up, but I muffled it by pressing my lips together. He then took my other breast and place it in his mouth. I couldn’t hold back anymore, and gasp from the sensation of his tongue. He worked my boobs so well, switch from one to the other, so they both felt good. I gently gripped his arm, but was answered with his tongue and lips, moving down my chest. I looked down, to see he had his eyes closed. He still had a tint of red resting on his cheeks, before he grabbed hold of my pants hem. Haon looked up at me with pleading eyes, that I couldn’t say no too. I just lifted my hips, and he happily slipped me out of his shorts and my panties. Though he pulled back completely and admired my body. “You look so beautiful, y/n.” I shyly looked away and covers chest and heat with my arm and hands. “You know it’s not fair, you get to see me naked, and you’re still clothed.” I looked at him from the corner of my eye, to see him looking down at himself. He then pulled his shirt off and took his shorts but left on his boxers. I snickered at him as he smirked at me. “Now I’m somewhat naked.” He took hold of my leg, and started to kiss up my calf, to my thigh, but stopped at my hand. “I’ll wait for that.” He gently put my leg down and got up. “I’ll be right back… you don’t go anywhere.” I sat up confused and used the hoody to cover my naked body. He came back panting as he held a condom that was still in his wrap, between his teeth. I slapped my hand over my eyes and laughed heavily. “What so funny?” Haon was pouting as he sat back down beside me. “You are to charmingly adorable. I swear I won’t even be able to get mad at you.” He grabbed the blanket, and pulled it over us for warmth, before kissing me. “I can say the same about you, Bae.” I stuck my tongue at him playfully, but he took his shot, and started a tongue war. I could feel him squirming around before he took the hoody away from me and place it back on the couch. His hand slipped between my thighs before he used his own leg to part mine. My fingers glided along the faded hair line, making him purr. He broke the tongue war and locked eyes with me. “Saranghae, Y/N.” “Saranghae, Haon.” He cupped my cheek, and kissed me softly, as his free hands lifted my leg by my thigh. I ran my fingers along his back, before he finally but smoothly entered himself inside of me. I gasped for air, from the wave of pain, and gripped his shoulders firmly. He nuzzled his nose against mine and covered my face in kisses until I adjusted to him. Haon rested his forehead against mine, before moving finally at a nice and easy pace. Once the pain had finally turned to pleasure, I started moving my hips to match his movement. Both his hands grabbed hold of my waist, before he started a trail of kisses on my shoulder. “Y/N, I am getting extremely close to my limit.” He whispered softly in my ear, as he thrusts became rougher. “Take me with you.” I whimpered through moans. Haon was starting to sweat as he moved at a rough pace that pleased the both of us to our max. He moved his hips to help us ride out our climax together. I play with Haon’s hair as he covered me with kisses and nuzzles. He really wouldn’t stop teasing me, and showing me affection, but I was too tired to go another round, if not sore. “Don’t worry I’m not going to try again. Even I’m sore now.” He must have heard my whimpering since he answered me before asking him. We both sat up, and cuddle closed, before consuming our now lukewarm hot chocolate, and watched the Frosty the Snowman in each other’s arms. “Can we do this again for Christmas?” Haon asked making me look up at him. “Well we will be with our families, so how about we visit them both, then come back here and do this again.” He kissed the top of my head as he chuckled. “Sounds like a plan to me.” . . . AOMG/H1ghr Queenz @Starbell808 @MelissaGarza @BabydollBre @Yugykookie97 @royalpandajedi ☆♡T.O.P Council Ladies♡☆ @Starbell808 @BBxGD @MelissaGarza @royalpandajedi @Just2bloved @cns1391 ❤BBMG Squad: @BBxGD @LocoForJiyong @MarrickeJ33 @DayDaySMDC ♣BO$$ Squad: @MarrickeJ33 @BBxGD @starbell808 @FromBlue2U @QueenPandaBunny @royalpandajedi @LiyahBoon @MelissaGarza @BabydollBre My Bunnies: @CLAKPOP @divanicola05 @Peachsenpai @Yugykookie97 @lop0929 @SHINee4ever @InfiniteUtopia @JaxomB @YazminYanez @SweetDuella @QueenyCrossGene @divanicola05 @gabstar143
PSY 9집 - 싸다9
저 싸이 좋아는 하지만 앨범은 첨 샀습니다. 보통 유튭으로 음악은 가끔 듣지만 ㅡ..ㅡ 밴드에… 포스트잇까지… 둘다 초3이 탐내더라구요 ㅎ 팝업카드도… 01 9INTRO 02 That That (prod. & feat. SUGA of BTS) 03 Celeb 04 감동이야 (feat. 성시경) 05 밤이 깊었네 (feat. 헤이즈) 06 GANJI (feat. Jessi) 07 이제는 (feat. 화사) 08 Happier (feat. Crush) 09 나의 월요일 10 Everyday 11 forEVER (feat. TABLO) 12 내일의 나에게 슈가, 성시경, 헤이즈, 제씨, 화사, 크러쉬, 타블로까지… 햐, 댓댓 벌써 조회수가 2억 5천만회가 넘었네요. 셀럽 뮤비엔 나오지만 목소리는 안나오는 수지 ㅎ 이번 앨범을 데려온 이유중 한곡… 밤이깊었네… 작년 요맘때 많이 들었었거든요. 초3도 좋아한답니다. 초3은 룩셈부르크를 좋아합니다 특히… 저 이노래 듣고 이 앨범 구매 결정했습니다^^ 예전에 참 좋아했던 서울 패밀리의 '지난날'. 위일쳥의 목소리를 참 좋아했었거든요. 조용필의 후계자니 어쩌니 했는데 어느 순간 활동이 뜸해지더라구요… 아, 역시 지금 들어도 넘 좋네요… 옆에 있던 초3이 난 YG 패밀리는 알아도 서울 패밀리는 모른다고 개그를 치네요 ㅡ.,ㅡ 아, 에브리데이 뮤비 션하네요 ㅎ 내일의 나에게… 포스트북까지… 싸이 음악은 차에서 크게 들어줘야 제맛인듯요. 집에서 들으면 뒤통수에 서늘한 기운이 느껴진답니다 ㅋ.
힙합계 레전드 사건 기억하는 분 계신가여
전 기억남 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 이때 이 짤 돌면서 '네 머리를 이렇게 쪼개 버리겠다' 드립도 생겼었는데 +_+ 이게 왜 레전드냐면 원래 저런 서양권에서 오글거린다고 생각하는 제스쳐 같은거 좆도 안하기로 유명한 에미넴. 서양권에선 그냥 상상도 못한정도. 원빈이 티비나와서 개다리춤 추면서 혀내밀고 사팔뜨기 흉내 낸다고 보면 됨. 올드힙합 문화 간지도 있고 . 근데 저 내한공연 바로 앞에 일본에 공연갔음. 근데 일본애들 존나 호응 좆도 없고, 조용히 보기만해서 개씹노잼 만들고, 무대 선 가수 개민망 갮 만듦. 그래서 에미넴이 ㅅㅂ 좆까 아시아 안온댔잖아!! 좆까 씨발 공연장 분위기 봤어? 안해!! 다음 한국일정 안가!! 좆까!! 하면서 개역정 냈지만 어림도 없지ㅋ 비지니스 빠워ㅋ 울며 겨자먹기로 한국 공연 시작. 근데 웬걸? 미친놈들이 시작전부터 소리지르고 난리치고 영어로 씨부려도 반응해주고 때창하고 뭔 말만하면 자지러지고 지랄발광을 신명나게 펼치니까 에미넴 존나 감동해서 원빈 개다리춤 혀내밀고 사팔뜨기 하듯 공연 막판에 시발!! 한국 개 쩔어!! 존나 사랑스러워!! 너희는 진짜 미친놈들이야!! 사랑해!! 하면서 저 세레머니 한거. 그리고 에미넴 살아생전 최초의 하트 세레머니. 이후 자국 인터뷰에서도 그날 감동이었다고 인터뷰 함 ㅊㅊ ㄱㄷㄹ
Lets turn your Thirst into a Crush...
Yeah that right ... I've been crushing on the one and only Crush now that man is both R&B and Hiphop just like the sexy Dean... But lets make you all crush on Crush haha Here some of his music as well... If you ain't melting to it... then you might wanna see a doctor. 'Love is True' 'Sometimes' 'Oasis' ft Zico 'Hug Me' ft Gaeko Cover to "Call You Mine' live ❤BBMG Squad: @BBxGD @LocoForJiyong @MarrickeJ33 @DayDaySMDC ♣BO$$ Squad: @MarrickeJ33 @BBxGD @starbell808 @FromBlue2U @QueenPandaBunny @royalpandajedi @LiyahBoon @MelissaGarza @BabydollBre ♦J-Walkers @amobts @AnnaRodriguezm  @BabydollBre @BBxGD @Bwolfgirl @CarolSilva @ckienitz @DayDaySMDC @dreemer13 @elainarenea @EvilGenius @ibMIMI @JasmineGregory @Jaysbae13 @JordanShuler @JohnEvans @KaeliShearer @kolai4 @lcr4562 @lilbr0wneyes @LocoforJiyong @IsoldaPazo @MaelstromVIP @Mandibular @MandyNoona @maricela17mrn @MarrickeJ33 @MayraYanez @mitchix5 @mrsyookiyun @MzDawson31508 @NadineEsquivel @nmeza29  @ParanormalPanda @PriyaBala @QueenLele @QueenPandaBunny @Remysrose @SashaKmseoul  @SierraBecerra @StefaniTre @sugaontop @TheEnlightment @twistedPuppy @VatcheeAfandi99 @ViStorm @ @yaya12 @ZZyxz My Bunnies: @AlenaSegura @ammagrande @AraceliJimenez @InfinitySky @BBxGD @BTSxEXO @CallMeMsDragon @chenisbaekasy @CrystalBlunt  @divanicola05 @DalyRomero @dallasyamane @DDestinaByrd @dreemer13 @Ercurrent @EvilGenius @faith92 @flxvour @FromBlue2U @HHeavenlyLopez @IsoldaPazo @Jaysbae13 @Jiyongixoxo @KaeliShearer @KaiJae @KristinaCaron @KwonOfAKind @lashonda0917 @LemonLassie @lilbr0wneyes  @lovetop @MandyNoona @MaritessSison @marsamusic @MelissaGarza @miruchii @MissT615 @mrsax2018 @mrsyookiyun @MsLoyalHeart @NiahriTaylor @Nikkitty @nmeza29 @pharmgirlerin @PrettieeEmm @QueenLele @raenel @RedChord @salo @sherrysahar @serbshavemofun @SimplyAwkward @Tabili @tiffany1922 @twistedPuppy @VatcheeAfandi99 @victoria97 @yaya12 @Yugykookie97 @ZZnae