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Sometimes, in writing, keeping it simple is the best route. A simple "I hate you," she said can have more impact than "I hate you," she screamed in some cases. Said often contains a calmness, a control over the way one is feeling where screamed shows a loss of control. That being the case, sometimes using a different word than said is necessary to give a sentence the feeling it needs. And so, here are four of my favorite words to use instead of said in four very different scenarios. 1) snapped: When a character says something, and they mean it harshly, you can say "they said harshly" or you can try the word "snapped." It conveys the sense of annoyance and hostility that the word "harshly" can try to share as well. But 'snapped' does all the work for you. 2) repeated: Another good word for when a character is frustrated or annoyed, repeated can be used to have a character show how important something they've already shared is, just by using the word repeated. It can also be used when a character is trying to clarify something for another. 3) reasoned: When a character is trying to lie, or convince themselves they did the right thing, reasoned is the perfect word. It shows that they are trying to make what they said okay, whether it is or not. 4) beamed: When a character is genuinely happy about something that occurs, they can respond by "beaming" instead of "saying," and instantly their happiness is shared with the reader in a single, simple word. Do you have any favorite words you like to use instead of the dreaded (but often, necessary) said?
@timeturnerjones i think it depends case by case? there are some people who use said too much and some don't use it as much ahahah
@greggr i think for me "exclaimed" because everytime i write a story one of the character is always over the top with emotion! and @onesmile i have the same problem! i always go around and around trying to get my point across!
@ameliasantos10 Thats probably it!! Every style calls for something different, I guess
I had a professor tell me I used too many words and I should stick to "said" more often...I guess it just depends on the piece and context.
@onesmile but then again i think it just depends on the writers and how we are able to express and tell the story because i think some people are good at telling a story straight out while if i did the same thing it would just look like i am placing sentences one after another and not actually narrate anything!
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