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The Kastmaster is a piece of slightly bent metal that resembles the broad shape of bait fish like freshwater shad, and even some saltwater baitfish as well, making it popular among both freshwater and saltwater fishers. The nicest thing about the Kastmaster, for me, is that it can be fished in quite a few ways, so if you're feeling like trying out various techniques, it's possible with just one lure. You can jig it, and fish it with some jerks and falls all the way back in, or you can do a slow retrieve, and it will resemble a wounded fish and draw in some big fish like trout. If you pull it in fast, you'll get a ton of wobble that will keep it at the surface, attracting bedding bass. Among these techniques, I think the best is to do a steady retrieve, but to pause and jerk or twitch the lure every once an a while. This may seem like a poor, novice retrieve, but it actually does a great job to attract fish and has gotten me more bites than any other retrieve with a Kastmaster. I've included images of the Kastmaster, as well as a video of some potential retrieve techniques. This particular video is of an ice fishing technique for the Kastmaster lure and a drop fly lure; you can see the Kastmaster lure is the longer of the two. It's interesting to see the Pike and Perch go after it.
@mcgraffy It does alright ha, but every day is a little different, you know.
@dougjohnson Slower? How does that usually work for ya?
This has always been a solid lure for me. I like to do a slower retrieve with em though.