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I came across this post, and instantly thought of @greggr 's post about children's books as adult novels. ( Huffington Post took a simliar idea, but instead re-imagined children's books as books aimed at today's children and teenagers, who may be more worried about social media, the internet, and other problems not known to those who read this books as children ten or twenty years ago. Each page takes the title of the a children's book and warps it to fit the "struggles of today's youth." I think the critique is funny, but a bit extreme. Do we really think that all kid's today deserve this criticism? Obviously not. And even if they did, isn't it the older generation's responsibility as well, considering they created the technology that allowed for these changes?
@greggr good point! I guess the real value in this covers (if any) is their highlighting of totally ridiculous "problems" people face today.
I can see how this is similar, and yet very different, from the post I made before. I think that this really puts into perspective the changes that our generations have gone through, but I don't think we need to chastise anyone for it. We do, however, need to consider what these changes mean for us as a culture.
@timeturnerjones Problems, changes, interesting bits. Anyways, it highlights something.
@onesmile yeah, sad that its true!! I think I'm guilty of them too so maybe I got a little too heated hahah
the little engine that literally can't even. ...wow. That is funny and sad all at once haha!! I definitely found these funny but I can see your point...still, I think its ridiculous that these are all soo true ~~