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The Effectiveness of Manual Versus Powered Toothbrushes for Dental Health: A Systematic Review

Keep your teeth healthy. Nobody wants to deal with a toothache. Also, in some cases, bad dental health could lead to other complications and problems. You can avoid all that with ease when you brush your teeth. If you're shopping around for dental care supplies, you’ll likely encounter manual toothbrushes and those that run on a battery. If you can’t decide between the two, here’s a look at the pros and cons they offer. That should make it easier for you to decide which option to go with.
Benefits of an Electric Toothbrush
Let’s start with a battery-powered toothbrush.
· Better plaque removal. This type of toothbrush vibrates or rotates. That helps remove plaque buildup. An electric toothbrush tends to be better at removing the plaque because of the micro-movements that it produces. In some cases, it can cut down on the amount of gingivitis by 11 per cent and plaque by as much as 21 per cent. That’s significant, especially after only three months of consistent use. With a toothbrush that oscillates, you’ll have fewer problems with plaque. If you’re worried about cavities, investing in this toothbrush is a must.
· Easy for limited mobility. People with limited mobility will find it much easier to use this toothbrush. If you have arthritis, developmental disabilities, or carpal tunnel, then you’ll find this much more convenient to use.
· Less waste. You only need to replace the head of the electric toothbrush. That’s a lot less wasteful than having to toss a full manual toothbrush.
· Fun for kids. An electric toothbrush can be more engaging for a child. If your child often forgets to brush their teeth, then getting this brush can help get your child more interested in using a toothbrush. It’s also a lot more fun.
Benefits of a Manual Toothbrush
· Accessible. One of the best things about a manual toothbrush is that it’s easily accessible. It’s available from any store. Battery-powered toothbrushes, though, aren’t as readily accessible. If yours breaks or malfunctions, it’s not as easy to replace it. You’ll need to swing by a shop that sells an electric toothbrush. That or order an extra one online. That way, if yours breaks, you can just switch to the extra one you’ve saved up just for this occasion.
· Affordable. Another reason for the popularity of a manual toothbrush is it cost. It’s affordable. You won’t need to spend a lot when you shop for a manual toothbrush. People who want to stay on a budget find it ideal to simply choose a manual toothbrush over an electric one.
· Fun for kids. With so many designs, colours, and options to choose from, there’s no shortage of manual toothbrushes for kids. Children love the range of options from popular cartoon characters to their favourite colours. That, right along with a toothpaste that’s also designed for kids, makes teeth brushing so much more fun.
Which One is Better for You?
They’re both a good choice. If you want to save on costs, then go for a manual toothbrush. If you want to reduce plaque buildup, look for a battery-powered toothbrush.