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New KBS 2 drama starring Song Joon Ki and Moon Chae Won will air in August following "Bridal Mask". The drama is about a nice guy (Song Joon Ki) who turns into a not-so-nice guy after being dumped by his girlfriend and decides to get revenge on her by using another woman who lost her memories. Not sure which role Moon Chae Won is playing yet but most likely the latter. This will be Moon Chae Won first drama since "Princess' Man". The writer is the one who wrote "I'm sorry, I love you" so I let your expectation fly. Just hope they don't kill off anyone.
hmm i thought it would be a typical guy gets revenge on girl but ends up falling for her again. guess not in this case
Well,my guess is the nice guy will finally falls for the woman who lost her memories. Im going to watch Song Joon Ki in this drama since I like him in S Scandal.