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[, Music, ], hey pen, adventures, welcome back to my channel, i hope everyone's having an amazing day. This is your glamorous penny shalomy and today, i'm coming to you with this beautiful, quick and easy diy wall art. So if want to see how i put it all together, just keep on watching [ Music ] here are the items that i'm using for this diy, i'm using a shower curtain and this one i ordered from amazon. I will leave you a link to this purchase below i'm using some tacky glue. You can you also use mod podge if you have that you'll need a staple gun, i'm using some gold glitter i've had this for a while. You can pick this up at walmart and some excess beading. I have also as well as a sponge brush now as far as the glitter and stuff. I don't know how much of it i'm gon na use, but i will see as we go along with the project. You will also need canvas, and the size of it is gon na depend on how big you want your art piece to be. I got this one at michael's and this is the 36 by 48 inch and the brand is artists loft. It is a huge piece, so i'm actually doing it on the table. So the first thing i've done is i've placed the shower curtain on the table and i have placed it on the wrong side because i'm going to very delicately and lightly remove the wrinkles from the shower curtain. If you have a steamer go ahead and steam it, but for now i am using an iron and i have it on very low heat, [, Music, ]. Okay, so i have finished ironing the shower curtain. I'M just going to keep it in the same position as it is, and i'm going to now place the canvas on top of it face down. [, Music ] make sure that when you are going to place the shower curtain on your canvas that you are capturing the parts of the shower curtain that you really like, because the swirls, if you're using this one in particular or any kind of marble shower curtain, You want to make sure that you're getting the pieces or the parts of the shower curtain that you like most that have the most patterning, and you know that will display well on your canvas now that i've positioned it where i want it to be. I'M just going to fold one end of it and just staple one spot, [, Music ] just like so to hold it in so i've stapled one side just to hold it in place for now, and what i'm going to do is to cut off the excess. So all of the parts of the shower curtain that i'm not using i'm going to cut it just enough to fit around the canvas when cutting your fabric, make sure that you have enough left over and turned off a little bit of excess. That way, you have enough to work with on the canvas. If you still have any that's overlapping or that's left off, you can always trim it off after you have stapled it onto the canvas okay, so you saw before where i stapled it. On the opposite side, just to hold the canvas and the fabric in place, but remember that fabric will sometime tend to tear away from like the actual staple, so give yourself enough fabric that way, you're able to fold it. So i'm going to fold mine, [, Music, ], and you want to make sure you give it a good stretch that way you don't have any gaps in the front so fold in the fabric for a little bit. You know extra reinforcement and i'm just going to add another staple in here and then we can just go flip it over and check it to make sure that we have everything in place after checking it and making sure that there are no gaps in the front. Then you can just go ahead and continue to add your staples all the way around [ Music ], okay guys, so i have flipped it right side up. I have already stapled the longer parts but wanted to see how it looks um before i staple the other. Two ends, so you can see i'm not sure how well it's showing on camera, but i have some gaps in here where it's not stiff enough. So what i'm going to do is this exact same thing? I did for the longer sides. I am going to stretch the fabric again so that all the wrinkles and stuff that um you're, seeing like the gaps where the fabric is kind of lifting over there. When i once i stretch it, it will all be nice and flat. So let's go ahead and work on the two shorter sides: [, Music, ], okay, guys i've worked my way all around the canvas and have this part left. But i wanted to show you how to do the corners so once you get to the corners just go ahead and pull it up like so and fold it in like you're, doing a gif wrap and there you go very clean, very neat, and then you just Go ahead and add your staple [, Music, ], [, Music, ], okay, guys! This is what it looks like after adding it to the canvas. Isn'T that gorge? Look at that pattern and all the waves and swirling absolutely beautiful. Now how to keep a room cool could actually stop at this point, but you know me: i want to add a little bit of glitter just to make it pop off the wall a little bit more when i hang it so let's go ahead and add the glitter. So here you can see that i have my stuff ready to go. I have put some off the um tacky glue in this little container. Here i have my um beading or my sequin, and then i have the glitter. So, as i stated before, i don't want to add too much, so what i'm going to do is i'm just going to dip my sponge brush in the tacky glue and just dab it on different areas that i just want to highlight that i just want to Add a little bit of oomph too. That oath gets me all the time yeah, so i just wanted to add it a little bit of glitter just to kind of make it pop a little bit more now, like i said, i'm using tacky glue, but you can also use mod podge and this tacky Glue, i got it from the dollar store and it also dries uh clear, just like the mod podge does so after adding the tacky glue, i'm just going to lightly dust. Like i said, i don't want too much just add some off my fine glitter [ Music ] and i know it looks like a lot's coming out, but remember it's just going to adhere to the parts that have the glue and once it dries, i will tap It off and we are good to go so i'm going to work my way around the canvas in various different spots and then i'll come back and show you what that looks like [, Music, ], i've added a little bit of glitter and sparkle, and i've just Kind of poured it on in various places not everywhere like i said i just want it to pop. I don't. I don't want a whole lot on there to alter the um the pattern too much, so i'm just gon na leave it to dry and once it dries, i will knock it off and the excess will fall off and whatever sticks will stick and then i'm gon Na hang it and show you what it looks like: okay, penny pinchers after allowing it to dry for 24 hours. This is what it looks like simply amazing. Now i have it displayed right above my entryway table: [ Music ] accenting it with all these little gold pieces, but i think it turned out so beautiful. I just want to go ahead and make some more i'm going to take you a little bit closer so that you're able to see some more of the details. Okay, so here it is a little closer. You can see some of the sparkling stuff that i added. I also went ahead guys as i was packing the things away. I found some crushed glass, so i went ahead and added some crushed glass to this as well, and i just wanted it in random places. I didn't want it to look too uniform, so i have it in different places on the canvas, absolutely beautiful when you do yours feel free to add to it or leave it as is, but either way it is absolutely gorgeous. I have it hanging from the wall using command strips [, Music ]. Please leave me a comment in the comment section below and let me know if you like this beautiful diy and if you will be trying it now, you can do it any size of your choice. I did it. I think i mentioned the measurements in the front of it. I wanted it large enough to go above this entryway table and better yet, like i said when i went to michael's to get the canvas it was on sale, they were 60 off. So if you are thinking of making some of these wall art pieces go ahead and get your canvas, you can get them from michaels. You can get them from walmart or wherever, but i always like to shop when they have sales or if i can use my 40 off coupon and get a discount that way. We are saving a lot on making our house beautiful, [, Music ], and this is all i have for you today guys. Thank you so much for joining me. I really do appreciate you coming by and checking out this diy, and if this is your first time seeing my channel welcome, welcome welcome. I would love for you to join the penny pincher family by hitting the subscribe button below and make sure you hit that notification bell. Also that way you are the first to know when i upload new videos and to all my lovely penny pictures. You know how i feel love you love. You love you until the next video. This is your glamorous penny picture. Shalom is saying: [, Music, ], bye, [, Music, ], glamorous [, Music, ], glamorous