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This week has been madness so I haven't had the chance to dive into a new workout routine. This weekend I am going to wake up early (well, we'll see about that) and try out this new system. I don't know if I agree with that "Barre is the new Pilates," but I am excited to see just how tough this stuff is! "Fitness news flash: Barre is the new Pilates. Named after the barre that ballerinas use to warm up and develop balance, Barre (with a capital ‘B’) is a type of exercise that stems from a combination of ballet, yoga, Pilates, and dance moves to help you tone and strengthen your body. Barre workouts will improve your flexibility, core strength, balance, posture, and work muscle groups that you probably didn’t even know existed. Dancers have notoriously good bodies. They’re thin, have perfect posture, incredible flexibility, unbelievable balance, and unparalleled proprioception (the sense of how your body is oriented in space). If developing and mastering control over every single muscle in your body (right down to the separate muscles in each foot) is something you desire, then Barre is the exercise for you. And men, listen up, Barre is not just for females. Barre workouts use the moves and exercises professional dancers train under to give you a lean, toned bod, and these workouts are hard. Barre workouts usually last for about one hour, with zero rest time. The exercises involve precise movements that one must maintain for a period of time before moving on to the next move. Barre exercises aim to engage every muscle in the body, as dancers need fluid strength and control throughout a huge range of motion.Your heart rate will be elevated for the entirety of the workout, I promise."
I have a feeling extra barre workouts wouldnt do much for me but I highly recommend it!
Do you need to actually have a barre to try this? I wanna try in my dorm room ><
This makes me want to try barre so badly!!