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Heidi Klum is a great celebrity fitspiration. She maintains her stunning supermodel bod by working out every single day. She runs, lifts weights, does yoga, pilates, kick boxing - you name it, she does it! Here is a video of her trainer explaining a few basic moves Heidi uses. You'll need a resistance band for some of the moves! "There's a reason Heidi Klum is known as "The Body," and she's been working it for years, on and off the runway. To keep in tip-top shape for all her ventures, Heidi works out with LA-based trainer Andrea Orbeck. We recently got the skinny from Andrea on Heidi's must-do fitness moves — two that focus on toning the tush and one to perfect posture."
I remember when Heidi had her first kid and lost all the baby fat within a few weeks. She trains really hard. ITs great to see her promoting such a fit lifestyle!
@Sjeanyoon is there a video of her kickboxing routine? I'd really like to give it a go
I used to take kick boxing and my instructor made us do Heidi's daily kickboxing routine and I was so, so sore afterwards. She's tough!