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I have been caught up in a slew of graduation, house warming, and goodbye parties this past month and my gym routine (and waistline) has suffered. Luckily, my girl Beyonce has a five minute routine that I can do anywhere to get toned in no time! Granted, this won't get me the Beyonce body but it will hit all the trouble spots and get you on your way. "Marco Borges, the trainer credited with whipping Beyonce, husband Jay-Z, and Gwen Stefani into tip-top shape, sharing an easy and no-equipment-needed workout with US Weekly. Here are the five moves he suggests to give yourself an all-over body-blasting workout (even if you only have five minutes to spare before your guests arrive): Jumping Plies: I call these jumping squats, but it doesn't matter what you call them as long as you do them. Here's how: stand with your feet just a bit wider than shoulder-width apart, abs pulled in tight, and bend your knees, lowering your body till your thighs are parallel to the floor and jump straight into the air. Return to starting position and repeat for one minute. Reverse Lunges: Standing with feet shoulder-width apart, step back into a lunge and repeat on the opposite side, alternating for one minute. Be sure that abs remain tight throughout, working your core and maintaining your balance and posture. Push-Ups: According to Marco, "The push-up is quite possibly one of the simplest and best body weight movements targeting the muscles of the chest, arms, shoulders and core." Do as many classic push-ups, or moderated position push-ups from your knees, as you can for a full one minute, making sure to maintain proper form and bring your chest as close to the floor as you can before pushing back to starting plank position. Dips: Using a bench or the edge of a chair, position your arms at your sides (almost to the back), flex at the elbow, and lower yourself toward the floor. Return to starting position and repeat for one minute, but don't rely on your lower body to help lower and raise you — your arms should be doing all the work here. Side Planks: Marco suggests this move to blast love handles, working the obliques. Here's how: "Lie in a plank position with one hand flat on the ground and the other pointed straight to the sky with your feet stacked one over the other. Slowly drop your hips to the ground while maintaining a locked arm, using only your core. Return to your starting position and repeat." Do each of the exercises for a minute each, and in just five minutes, you'll have toned and targeted each of these muscle groups. Plus there's another benefit to this quick shape-up routine — Borges adds that "the muscle pump you get from this short, intense Total Body Blast fills your muscles with blood and instantly improves the appearance of skin and muscle tone.""
I find myself doing jumping jacks or punches whenever I am going to a family party because I know I'm going to eat a ton and want to get my metabolism ready hahahaha
Me too @sophiamor What is her secret to not sweating all over the place hahah
I feel like this would make me so sweaty for the rest of the night though hahah
Reverse lunges are serious business. I can see a difference in my legs the same day that I do them!