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I don't really follow the Kardashian family, but I am always impressed by ladies that can get rid of their pregnancy weight gain so quickly. How does anyone have time to workout with a new baby keeping you occupied all the time?! Kourtney says the secret is taking every opportunity to fit in exercise. She turns simple daily tasks like picking up something you dropped into a squat or sit up. Here's a look into her workout mindset and an easy move that you can do wherever whenever! "Gaining 45 lbs. during her second pregnancy with daughter Penelope, 7 months, the 33-year-old was determined to shed her unwanted baby weight in a healthy way -- especially after struggling to look picture-perfect within months of having son Mason in 2009. "I was comparing myself to other people and putting all this pressure on myself," she admitted to Us Weekly in January. "I was working out and not eating enough. I definitely pushed myself too hard." Delivering her daughter with boyfriend Scott Disick in July 2012, Kardashian made it a priority to lose weight slowly -- and vowed not to miss a moment of her kids' development in the slim-down process. "This time, the focus is early on being a mom and being present, knowing my priorities," explained the 5-foot, 106 pound star, who scheduled sweat sessions with pregnant sister Kim and tackled pro Tracy Anderson's 90-minute dance-focused workouts when she couldn't meet with her personal trainer. "The trainer comes over at 7 in the morning when my kids are still asleep so I don't have any mom guilt," says Kardashian of her key to weight loss success. "Sometimes I think, Why should I work out when I can spend time with my kids? I feel guilty doing something for me. So working out at home is really nice. And when I don't do that, I go for a jog or do morning yoga. Sometimes when I'm playing on the floor with Penelope, I'll do a few sit-ups." "Low Walking Works: Butt and legs Stand with feet hip-width apart and extend arms in front of you, hands clasped. Squat low and walk forward 20 steps, then backward 20 steps."
@Nisfit I know! I can barely get up on the weekends when I know I have a ton of free time. Working out when you know your day will be hectic is true commitment!
She's tough to be able to get up before her kids do just so she can work out!
@acrossthesea speaking of alarms! i heard there are apps on your smart phone that makes you solve math problem before you can turn it off! those seems to be pretty effective and well for me i have no problem waking up to the alarm but i just can't seem to get out of bed to go run :(
@nokcha I decided I would finally get round to scheduling those morning workouts and now do an extra 30 min workout on 4 mornings a week...but this only actually happens if I leave my alarm on full volume on the other side of the room - I have no choice but to get out of bed in order to turn the damn thing off!!!!