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I'm in love. I just started paying attention to wrist watches since I'm not a big fan of status symbol fashion, but I can see the appeal of this one. The price sort of makes me want to cry though, and its posted in Euro... "Sophisticated city slicker: Created by the Berlin-based designer Mark Braun, this watch combines the highest precision with urbane elegance. As delicate as the nib of a fine fountain pen, its hands tell the time with grace. The dial with a date, power reserve indicator, and clear minute indexes is reminiscent of a precise measuring device, displaying the passing of time in the most beautiful way."
this is a watch i will one day buy for myself lol this is absolutely beautiful. I rarely say that about anything lol but this is one of the most beautiful things i have ever seen
@pipeline and I won't be gifting it to anyone like I had momentarily hoped. The slimness of this watch is really nice.
@onesmile The watch is 2600 Euro. If you're dealing in $$$ it is around $3700...so this watch will probably never be mine haha
@onesmile I love the mint accents. It makes it much friendlier than those chunky businessmen watches.
cool watch! I love how sleek the design looks. Can I ask how much the price was in euro? I'm afraid to click....