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It was Sunday morning You took me out enjoyed the shining sun We were hand in hand walking through the blooming garden with laughs The birds flew around us were singing a happy song for you and me The butterflies were leaping and shouting " "Yes loves were everywhere" I believed You had my hand told me what a great family it was going to be if we had each other We could build our own castle I felt the frogs were jumping in my tummy with wide smiles But the story seemed to change The Author has His own It was only yesterday and I'll never regret it It was my beautiful pages Beautiful pages with you...
Thanks for sharing, can't wait to read more of your work!
i love your writings!! the descriptions are heartwarming and yet the way the verses are in past tense it just kind of grasp my heart..." "Yes loves were everywhere" I believed" that part probably squeezes my heart the most : ( Great job!!
cool piece of writing! the image of butterflies leaping and shouting is so nice
thanks all @greggr thanks a bunch for input. really appreciate that.
@moya23 Thank you for sharing this great writing. I like it. :)
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