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I am so impressed by this cosplay! I always thought that cosplaying Effie or another Capitol citizen might be fun, because their outfits and their crazy extravagance. This cosplayer put together the butterfly dress Effie can be seen wearing in the movie version of Catching Fire, and does a fantastic job! Each of those butterflies must have been hand painted, and getting the wig to look perfect must have taken a lot of work. The little touches--the microphone, slip of paper, and makeup--really make it an A+ cosplay! Cosplayer: selhin @ deviantart
This is great! I totally knew who she was cosplaying the second I saw the outfit :) How much do you think this cost her to make? Its a pretty expensive hobby!
@caricakes depending on if she had coupons or not its definitely over $200 unless she used an old wig. Wigs themselves are pretty expensive, and she had to hand paint everything!