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Alrighty Kpop Vinglers! How have all you guys been? I hope you guys still remember Sara.... I know I've been gone for a super long time, i might not post as often pictures and all, yes I do remember I haven't even finished some challenges. Please, please, please understand that I have been away from the internet in general for some time and that they happy, cheerful, optimistic Sara you guys remember may not really be here, at least not now..... Please don't ask in comments or something what's wrong -you can text me though- , I don't like to make some of my problems public. I did have a pretty good Christmas, I hope you did too, and you guys have no idea how much I'm looking forward to this New Year. But I am back again hoping to cheer you all up, with a few celebration, fun and loving songs to try to make you have one of the best New Years Eve. So with most of that covered, let's move! CRAYON by GD OK, so yes, the first song when I though: Celebrations, Parties, Fun was Crayon by GD. Sorry, but the vibe in the MV is just awesome. Kinda weird, but fun all the way. Its pretty wild from end to finish -in a good way, I swear!- and I seriously hope this coming year will be the same for you. Full of surprises and excitement! We are Bulletproof by BTS Just a song to remind you that no matter what happens this next year, you are still indestructible. You are still worth it. You are still cared for. Just to NOT give up. War of Hormones by BTS FanBoys, its fine if you get rejected. Life goes on, and you will definitely find the right one. Remember that in the end, its always OK. If it isn't OK, it isn't the end. Bounce by JJProject Add a little vibes to the celebrations. Add a little fun, and just the right amount of bounce. Set the mood with this song, not only in New Years Eve, but the whole year in general. Make sure you Bounce c: Congratulations by Day6 Breakups aren't the end of the world, and neither are heart breaks. YOU. WILL. GET. OVER. IT. And you will find the right on. Just keep looking, and as much as I hate saying this... LET IT GO. Fantastic Baby by BigBang Add a spark of mysterious electro in this coming holiday. Remember, tech is always advancing and sometimes, we don't keep up. You gotta. Stay on track, and just remember all the things you can do. Yes, my fantastic Kpoppers? Falling in love by 2NE1 Cause we can't forget this one! This Coming Year, so many things can happen. You can fall in love.... -*in the back of my head, quietly* Fall! everything... Fall! everything.....- And its totally normal, just please make sure you are happy with this person before you take the big step... Gangnam Style by PSY Its a classic. C'mon. Just blare it in your speakers at that family reunion where no one likes KPop and I swear, every single little kid that's at least 7 will dance. And let's be real here. you probably will too. The older people might look at you like you need Jesus or something -*cough*my grandma *cough*-, but then they will see the little kids and they will probably calm down. Who knows? Maybe she'll dance to it, too! Happy by 2NE1 BREAKUPS. AND. HEARTBREAKS. ARENT. THE. END. OF. THE. WORLD. OKAY? Be happy, life moves on. Just Right by GOT7 Now don't come up to me saying: I hate my weight, I'm ugly, ew, me. etc. Just don't. I'm sick tired of it. I kept telling myself this for a while, and let me tell you, its not a nice feeling, I know that. But stop. Promise me, all those people thinking negative stuff about themselves -just frikin promise me- that you will listen to this song on New Years Eve and look at yourself in the mirror, and you will tell yourself: I'm great, I'm awesome, I'm beautiful, I'm kind, and I'm healthy. Please. Love me right by EXO Forget lyrics right now. The vibe is catchy, the feeling is good, and when all of us finish listening to this song, we feel like we own the world. And that's it. You will own next year. YOU WILL FRIKIN OWN IT. But you gotta make sure you work for it. Ring Ding Dong by SHINee Don't ask, just listen to it. Its perfect. A little bit of craziness -Ok, maybe not a little-, a little bit of catchiness, and a whole lot of fun. I'm the best by 2NE1 Yes you are. And no one can tell you other wise, but you. Don't be those people who start out the year feeling hopeless, disgusted with themselves, and plain on giving up. Don't. Dope by BTS Cause all of you guys are dope -aka fkn awesome -it says in the lyrics XD- for those who don't know what it means- and because this year will be frikin dope. Just work for it, and you will see. Fun Boys/Boys with fun by BTS BECAUSE YOU WILL HAVE FUN THIS YEAR AND IT WONT BE SO CRAPPY. THATS WHY. Ma City by BTS To remind you to not forget where you come from, nor your roots. Some of us -maybe me, I hope so- will be taking a HUGEEEEE step in life. Be humble, and remember all the hard work you did to raise you to where you are. Ooh Ahh by TWICE I know this has zombies in it -that's basically why I put it here- and I know its more of a Halloween song, but hey. There are men and boys who will like you for your brains and personality rather than just for our appearance. Fanboys, please do me the favor of leaving a comment to that. We fangirls are afraid you all don't exist. We like 2 party by BigBang Last but not least. Look at the video. They have fun, don't they? You will, too. Dont stress about it. Don't worry about it. Just enjoy it. This Coming Year will be good. You will do better than this past year, mostly because you learned new things, mostly because you have gained experience, but mostly because you will make it that way. You have KPop with you, you have this wonderful Vingle Family with you, and you have love. Maybe its virtual, but hey, its the thought that counts You have another year of life to enjoy. May your last days of 2k15 be good, and may Next year be even better. My inbox is still open. You guys keep it up! -Little Sara -that's my nickname in school, you all are welcome to use it :)- ------------------- Just a small special thanks to: @Emealia for tagging me into those things you always do, they made me smile when I needed them c: And for being a blessing when the fandoms are in tough times. @thePinkPrincess for welcoming me and explaining things when I needed or didn't understand, and just for being plain AWESOME. and at @kpopandkimchi , for explaining all about KPop, Kdramas, or anything Korean related and keeping us updated on things XD. You rock. I love you guys too! @sarangseoltang @cthulu @ivyvega1245 @StefaniTre @osnapitzlilred @caitlind9898 @DustanCarpenter @Exoexo @Kuramariin @saraortiz2002 @Marilovexoxo @KellyOConnor @baileykayleen @AimeeH @DeannaJade @sherrysahar @kpopis4life @glostick @XergaB20 @ParkMeiFan @oohaly @AahziPaxton @jaekeulrin @EliDL15 @Kat711 @JanethSanchez @GummyBearRawr @AegyoBunny @Dani190 @yazel1010 @bbybaekhyun @MaraWhite @Agentleo @LeJujuBean @veentea @leilaniheartexo @aikadionisio @nettaj1013 @RayPeddie @NormallyInsane @AlexaGarcia @Roxy1903 @exoexo @minghaoisbae @jeppblackmen @ChelseaJay @MorganElisabeth @ivyvega1245 @kpopcorn @Kay711 @imxKlooless @AahziPaxton @kelcie9319 @BriannaEugene @GabbiFord @ChavaBerry @kuvhlubkoj67 @TLeahEdwards @OleysaSencen @UKissMeKevin @yourbucky40s @kpop14young @ashleykpop @herreravanessa9 @Evalise @Konniecim @leilaniheartexo @AkiraCondry @XergaB20 @jimingotnojams @xojuliettexox @Exoexo @JhopeSunshine @editakukaj @Rebecca22 @CheyenneJessee @SkyRollins @B1A4BTS5ever @AngelicaPoltora @VixenViVi @KpopGaby @jessicalnichols @amberg171997 @Soheechanel @CloverShadows @lovechobina @AdiaJasinski @Kat711 @crazyalyk @JessicaChaney @ToppDogg @amandamuska @LilyArmyz @shelbyhusband @TMinusEleven @SarahVanDorn @MariahMaes @saraortiz2002 @exokpop12385 @DulceOjeda @NerukaWong @kpoplover1995 @amycarranza96 @CristinReynolds @ElizabethT @Shirochankpop @ARMYStarlight @AnnaArai @DeborahBales @CassidySmith @kittyspencer @sugamysoulmate @jgallegos222 @Kryselle @Mayumi007 @CassidyCathell @OliviaZenger @lupemontserrat @Ilikepancakes @JohnEvans @jumbled2 @GauhuaYang @saraortiz2002 @oceanseokjin @malibella @sarangheyo @RainaC3 @herreravanessa9 @VivianYang @crazyalyk @AnastasiaLeigh @megannmatthews @amberg171997 @MYAlpha @Kpopanime45 @BTSUGA21 @ltdavies @haniarocioo @JessAS @aguileragissel @StephaniePoore @Kat711 @kmayong @bbybaekhyun @minimonkey07 @SherryMo @wuizhangg @SunnyV @ChristinaEvans @riah001 @DulceOjeda @JasmineWilliams @AngelicaPoltora @xxxtina @AnnahiZaragoza @WeigiQovqtiAFXv @yazel1010 @sugajin94 @Marilovexoxo @kookiemimi @NerukaWong @AngieBrus @celesteyc @GabbyWilliams @CaitlynXD @Espy @ShifaKulsoom @myylifeisnow @DeannaJade @jaylajayxd @PandaNini @JadeSolomon @swimrocks05 @React10K1ng @IvyMcConnell @AnalisaWesson @MingiKwonBH @KaileeKnox @BTSjimin7hearts@sNicoles215 @MeeshellBuchan @DulceZelaya @DanniHaru @RochelleDiamond @nanabird @StarlingLegend @AdiaJasinski @leilaniheartexo @TrinitySihavong @destiny1419 @LoveLana @hobihyung @yourbucky40s @LaurenDimalanta @Applegiggles @xsandos17 @PricelessEyibio @kpop14young @AngelinaAn
싸이 7집 "대디" 해외 네티즌들의 놀라운 반응.jpg
Jinnyboytv 마음들 단단히 먹으라고. 이제 수백개의 패러디 영상들이 쏟아져 나올 테니까 Matthewmf 윌 아이엠의 I got it from my mama의 후속작 같은 느낌의 컨셉인건가. Expira sathoshi 난 저 CL이라는 여자가 마음에 드는데. Leannemondade CL은 그냥 저 구절만 반복하는 게 다야? 그냥 노출효과를 노리기 위해 넣은 거 같은데. ㄴ sam 응. 너가 제대로 짚은 것 같은데. CL은 지금 미국 데뷔를 준비중이라고 들었거든. 그래서 아마 저런 식으로 그녀를 노출시킨 것 같아. ㄴ lee rin 글쎄. 내 생각은 다른데. 이 뮤직비디오는 2년전에 이미 찍었다고 들었거든. 그러니까 과연 CL의 홍보를 위한거라곤 할 수 없을 것 같아. Iscream love 싸이는 언제가 중독되는 춤이랑 코러스가 들어가 있는 노래를 내는 것 같아. 들으면 항상 일어나서 춤을 추고 싶게 만든다고. ㄴ Stefanie 난 벌서 저 메인댄스를 외우고 있는 중이야. 곧 따라 추게 되겠지. Sensei jony 이거 엄청나게 좋은데! 1억 뷰를 다시 달성할만한 노래인 것 같아. Sahar hama 이 노래가 싸이의 노래 중 최고인 것 같아! 강남스타일보다 좋다고. Hoang 귀여우면서도 뭔가 징그러운데.. 뮤직비디오가 말이야. 하지만 노래는 좋아. Zzzishi 새로 연습할 춤이 생긴 것 같은데. Galatic dreamer 나 엄청나게 웃었어. 또 다시 재밌는 뮤직비디오를 만들어 낸 것 같은데. Confessions 싸이가 엄청 고생했을 것 같은데. 난 이게 강남스타일보다 훨씬 좋다고 생각하거든. 하지만 아쉽게도 강남스타일만큼 히트할 것 같아 보이지는 않아. 6789abc 난 개인적으로 나팔바지가 더 좋은 것 같아. 알아듣지는 못했지만 말야. Kitty serona 중독성이 있는 노래네. 마음에 들어! 뮤직비디오도 엄청 웃기고 말이지. Hugejeans 2015연말부터 2016년까지 계속 히트할 것 같은 노래야. Steno 올린지 얼마나 됐다고 조회수가 엄청나게 올라가고 있어. Gabytk 난 나팔바지가 이것보다 훨씬 마음에 들어. Sherx JYP의 어머님이 누구니에 대한 답가인 것 같은 느낌이 들어. Dervin lai I got it from my daddy! 벌써 따라부르고 있다고. Aydrey 보는 내내 정말 즐겁게 웃었어. CL도 저렇게 아름다운지 몰랐었어! 처음알았다고. Santi 싸이가 다시 멋진 노래를 만들어냈네. 벌서 세 번째 반복해서 듣는 중이야. Mr133 싸이가 드디어 돌아왔군. 아주 멋지게 말이지. Para soul 싸이가 내 아빠였으면 좋겠어! Mysweet 브릿지와 코러스가 엄청 좋은 것 같아. 그리고 뮤직비디오도 항상 그렇듯 재밌고 말이지. 싸이가 제대로 마음을 먹고 컴백한 것 같은데. Danster 난 음악은 좋은데 뮤직비디오는 솔직히 별로야. 매번 똑 같은 것 같네. Aurora 그래. 이 뮤직비디오는 노인들이 나보다 춤을 잘 춘다는 걸 일깨워주는 것 같아. Rezaar talag 2019년에도 이 노래를 듣고 있을 것 같은 예감이 드는데. Elzabeth hay 내가 최근 들어 들은 노래 중에 단연 최고야! 들을만한 노래가 나왔다고 말하고 싶군. Picky sirin 15초도 안돼서 웃기 시작했어. 싸이는 날 실망시키지 않는군. Qpex 두 번째 강남스타일이 될 것 같은데. 엄청나게 인기가 많을 것 같다고. Jeromepsy 또 한 번 사고를 치겠는데! 엄청 마음에 들어! Gonna puke 첫 소절을 듣자마자 스눕독과 불렀던 노래보다 훨씬 좋다고 생각했어. Julianna 보고 있는데 저절로 어깨를 들썩이고 있었다고. 꽤 신나는 노래야. Lucas 오빠 daddy 스타일! Binzzz 처음에 그냥 들었다가 한 번 더 들은 사람 있을 거야. 나처럼 말이지. Downlock1 곧 있으면 사람들이 이 새로운 노래에 맞춰서 단체로 춤을 추는 걸 볼 수 있겠군. 나를 포함해서 말이지. Dustyforest 예전 싸이의 스타일이 돌아온 것 같네. 하지만 CL이 나오는 이유를 모르겠어. Ahmed hakim 이 노래가 강남스타일처럼 다시 세계를 휩쓸거라고 장담해! 날 믿으라고. Monica 싸이에게는 뭔가 설명할 수 없는 게 있어. 그냥 이 뮤직비디오를 보면서 발을 흔들고 있다고. 신나게 만드는 재주가 있는 것 같아. Jeremy 누가 북한 버전을 좀 만들어줘. 김정은과 그 아버지들을 나오게 해서 말이야. Anthony 싸이는 매번 이상한 컨셉의 노래를 들고 나오는데 항상 히트를 친다고. 이번 노래도 좋아. 뮤직비디오도 엄청 재밌고 말이지. Farah ina 싸이는 항상 아무런 이유도 없이 날 춤추게 만드는 것 같아. Denise wong CL이 파트가 더 많았으면 좋았을텐데. 물론 이쁘기는 하네. Madam 이제 곧 엄청나게 많은 유튜버들이 이 뮤직비디오에 리액션 동영상을 올리겠군. 지겨워. James tan 솔직히 기대이상이야! 놀라워 정말. Princegu 이 노래를 좋아하던 아니던 간에 곧 따라부르게 될걸. 중독성이 엄청나다고. 그는 케이팝 팬이 아닌 사람들에게도 엄청난 지지를 받으니까. Macho 드디어 강남스타일을 대적할만한 노래가 나온 것 같네. 뮤직비디오도 그렇고 말이야. Andrea 난 지금 바보처럼 무작정 흔들면서 춤추고 있다고! 엄청나게 신나는 노래야. 번역기자:제이크 해외 네티즌 반응 가생이닷컴 모든 번역물 이동시 위 출처의 변형,삭제등은 절대 허용하지 않습니다. 갓싸이ㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷㄷ