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This is for my photography friend @dillonk ! I came across this trailer for a film that recently came out at a film festival, and couldn't help but think it seemed pretty interesting. Imagine if a camera really could take pictures of the future--what would you do? I can't help but feel like these guys took the "expected" route and started trying to make money through betting on known race results. What would you want to take a picture of, if you could find out its future 24 hours from now?
@onesmile So let's just be clear that this is completely impossible and will most likely never ever exist. That being said, AWESOME! I was hardly paying attention to the story because I was thinking about all the photography projects that kind of camera would be used for! I had so many ideas pop into my head. I think the most interesting thing that could happen, in 24 hours at least, is a major traumatic event in a person's life and how it affects their attitude. I would take before (present) and after (future) pictures of the person. So death, injury, loss, suffering, mental break down, etc etc. Obviously most people won't experience that kind of event in 24 hours, so many of the images would look the same from before and after. However, there would be strange things happening in some of the after images. Come to think of it, that could be done with a normal camera LOL....I failed. @hikaymm and @caricakes What would you guys do with this kind of camera? @cityofkyle I bet your friend with the passport project would have some interesting ideas for this kind of camera too!
@dillonk you really thought about this!!! You're right, though, you could do that kind of project with a normal camera. I really can't think of any good uses for a camera like the one in the trailer; they'd all have bad results.