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“There is nothing more important than a good, safe and secure home.” We all aim for a safe home and protection of our family. Whether we are home or out for work, the thought of “Is everything alright?” lingers in our mind constantly. As we all know, technology is leading all the fields through the latest developments. And, home safety is not left behind. With video door phones, you can always have a supervisory body that keeps a constant vigil to protect your home. Just a few years back, video door phones were something which was present only in sci-fi films and space-age novels. Today, these devices are increasingly seen in homes all across the country, in high-rises, apartment complexes, bungalows and many more. In our villas for sale in Thrissur, we have this feature.

As compared to traditional methods of hiring a security guard, keeping a watchdog, etc, a video door phone system is economical as well as reliable. Besides being affordable, the video door phone offers abundance of benefits which make this system worth installing. It is always a safe practice to keep a safe distance between you and an unknown. A video doorbell lets you view who is at (or approaching) the door from wherever you are. So you have plenty of time to assess whether it is safe to open the door. Having a 2-way intercom also offers some hidden advantages. Being able to talk to visitor’s means you can answer the door without opening it. Since you can talk to the visitor via a smart phone, you can answer the door from anywhere and never reveal that you are away from home. This provides an added measure of safety.

Video Door Phones For Smart Homes

The interior monitor provides the view of the checkpoint and targeted visitor. And can set up in any part of the house. So one doesn’t have to walk up to the doorway to check that’s outside or even what is transpiring. Your video door phone is great for handicapped. Old people collectively can open the main door electronically following checking on the guest without having to stand up from the place physically. It also helps to offer instant awareness and help to be able to old as well as disabled people who stay in their apartment alone and may face a crash or near-accident all of a sudden.

Lord Krishna Church Gate our new project intelligent villas in Thrissur provide Video Door Phone by MOX Australia in our villas. CHURCH GATE independent Villas in Thrissur is a fusion of technology and intelligence, with 86 stunning features. Enjoy smart living with Lord Krishna Church Gate. 
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Important Criteria to Consider When Choosing Security Companies
With an outsized number of reported crimes in several parts of the country, the importance of an honest security system has increased manifold. There are alternative ways to reinforce the safety systems at homes, offices, and commercial centers. Hiring a knowledgeable Fire Watch Security Guard is one of the simplest ways to make sure safety and security at homes, apartments, offices, and other places. Companies are often chosen on the idea of several criteria. Important Criteria to think about Previous experience: While choosing companies, it's essential to think about the previous experience and therefore the credibility of the corporate. As there is an outsized number of companies that provide security services to homes and offices, choosing the proper company is very significant to get reliable and efficient services. Client references: Reputed companies would offer client references to new customers to create trust and reliability. Insurance coverage: all businesses must possess General insurance to hide their operations however, the amount of coverage could differ and one should ask the quantity of the overall insurance a corporation carries before hiring. Registration with Worksafe: Every company should be registered and will be in good standing with WCB, you'll check the online status of any company Fire Watch Security Guard Daily reports: Security companies provide two common daily reports which include an event report and a patrol report. Incident reports are filled by the guards when any specific incident occurs on the property. The patrol report reveals the scanned and secured premises and activities are logged on an hourly basis. it's important to make sure that the safety company provides these details because it shows the reliability and professionalism of the corporate. Fluent language: Another important aspect to think about is that the language proficiency of the safety guards before hiring the services of a security company. The guards must be ready to speak in English or the other language required by the hirer. Uniforms: Well-uniformed guards exude a way of professionalism. Most of the safety guards have differing types of uniforms like Black jackets, blazers, and high visibility yellow or Orange uniforms. Security training: Before hiring guards, it's pertinent to enquire about the sort of coaching a corporation provides to its employees. Differential types of training are offered to security guards so it's important to enquire these details before hiring the services of security companies. Fire Watch Security Services which are reputed offer advanced training skills to employees for impeccable performance. Security companies do provide guards immediately for the asking. Nevertheless, it's essential to gauge if the proper sort of watchman is assigned for the project. the safety company should perceive the importance of the project and therefore the purpose of hiring a well-trained Fire Watch Security Company.
Managing Column Level Security
Column level security in snowflake allows the application of a masking policy to a column within a table or view. Currently, column-level security involves two features: dynamic data masking and external tokenization. 1. Dynamic Data Masking Dynamic data masking is a snowflake column level security feature using masking policies to selectively mask plain-text data in table and view columns in query runtime. Snowflake supports masking policies as a schema-level object to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access while allowing authorized users to access sensitive data at a query runtime. Masking policies as a schema-level object will provide flexibility in choosing a hybrid management, centralized or decentralized approach. This means that applying masking policy, we have to choose between a centralized, decentralized or hybrid management approach. Masking policies can also include functions and conditions to transform the data at query runtime if the conditions are met. A policy-driven approach supports segregation of duties, which allows security teams to define policies that can limit sensitive data exposure, even to the owner of an object, that usually has full access to the underlying data. Masking Policies The masking policies are applied when the policy admin chooses to create a masking policy, which will involve a policy condition and a masking function. The masking policy is then applied to resources such as databases. Inside a database, we have tables and columns, so the masking policy can be applied to one or more columns in the table view that is secured. The same masking policy can be applied to more than one database (to multiple databases). Example Amasking policy administrator can implement a masking policy, such that analysts (users having a custom analyst role) can only view the last three or four digits of a phone number and none of a social security number. Customer support representatives (users having the custom support role) can view the entire phone number and the entire social security number (SSN), which is useful in case that a customer needs to be verified. The user with the authorized role (support) can see the entire data in the table and columns, while the unauthorized role (analyst), can't see the social security number, and only a few digits in the column of the phone number. Managing Column Level Security In order to establish a column level security, you have to choose between a centralized, decentralized or hybrid management. Centralized management: uses a security officer to create policies and to apply policies to columns. Hybrid management: uses a security officer to create policies and individual teams to apply policies to columns. Decentralized management: uses individual teams to create policies and to apply policies to columns. 2. External Tokenization Tokenization is an industry standard and is more or less required by the PCI DSS for all organizations that accept credit cards. You can become PCI DSS compliant without tokenization, however it does become more challenging without it. Tokenization is an industry-wide technology developed to ensure that cardholder data is kept secure. This is accomplished by the receiver of the cardholder data, by assigning a random string of characters, and returning that string to the provider of the cardholder data.
The Best Home Security Tips and Tricks
A lot of people have all the best home security systems but then they don't use them properly as they should. To have a safe home and to prevent thieves from entering, all protections must be used appropriately. A distraction is enough to allow the entry of thieves and criminals. It is too late to rush to the reopenings when the thieves have already burgled the house. But you can certainly stop the burglars entering your home using best home security systems Here are some valuable tips for increasing home security. Do not leave a copy of the keys outside Unfortunately, still, several people think that thieves are unable to find a key set hidden in the garden. Many have the bad habit of leaving a copy of the keys out of the house hidden somewhere to open the door in the house of forgetfulness. Thieves are familiar with this trick and start looking for the keys before trying to break in. Even those who think they have found the best possible hiding place are not safe because thieves always find the key and carry out the robbery. Install Smart Alarm With a monitored alarm system, you can be assured have a peaceful sleep. Even if you leave the house for a few minutes, you must always set the alarm. Many people spend large sums of money designing an alarm system which is then not used properly. Check out this link if you want to know what is the best wireless alarm system on the market. Close windows and shutters well The windows of the house must be closed before going out. Even the window opening is not recommended because it leaves enough space to introduce burglary tools. Windows must be closed completely before leaving the house, even if for a few minutes. To maximize home protection, the shutters should also be lowered, remembering to insert the anti-lifting blocks that are often included in the roller shutter or can be purchased separately, the latter are universal and adapt to every material and model. Emergency alarm for elderly If you have parents or grandparents you might want to feel assured that they will remain safe while you are outside, you should get a panic button installed for any emergency situation. If you wonder which is the best personal alarm for elderly then check out Plural Alarms in the UK. They provide the best wireless burglar alarm system. Take care of the exteriors A poorly maintained house is easier prey for thieves. If the exteriors such as the lawn but also the mailbox are suddenly not well cared for, the thieves understand that the owners are on vacation and have the green light.
Significant COVID-19 Impact on the Industrial Cybersecurity | Information and Communication Technology Industry | Data Bridge Market Research
COVID-19 Impact on the Industrial Cybersecurity in Information and Communication Technology Industry ANALYSIS ON IMPACT OF COVID-19 ON THE MARKET Coronavirus or more popularly known as COVID-19 has created an unprecedented pandemic situation that has wreaked chaos across the world. World economies have gone into lockdown mode and businesses have shut down due to which GDP is plunging day by day, unemployment is rising but we are far from any coronavirus vaccine. There is a race among pharmaceutical manufacturers to produce a COVID-19 vaccine but it is becoming increasingly difficult as well as urgent as death tolls rise every day. Governments have sanctioned record budget relief measures to ease businesses and individuals throughout this pandemic but it may not be enough. The COVID-19 outbreak has created an enormous challenge for businesses worldwide. The information technology on which businesses have depended for very long has become in huge demand overnight. And such information technologies including data centers, cloud services, and digital services among others have become more lucrative for cybercriminals. While the world is focusing on health and countries are focusing on stabling economies, cybercriminals are undoubtedly threatening businesses. The industrial cybersecurity market has grown during the pandemic as most businesses have adopted digital services such as virtual private networks to operate their business. According to a report by a key player Kaspersky, 44% of businesses are working on cybersecurity initiatives for digital OT transformation during the pandemic. In the age of digitalization, industrial control systems (ICS) are connected to more and more components that, in turn, are connected directly to the internet. This makes it possible to communicate via the internet with automation systems, for example, in autonomous mobility, intelligent buildings, or pipelines. And as a result of the pandemic, many companies have changed the way they function. As per the survey report by Kaspersky, 53% of their respondents have confirmed that they have been operating with a remote workforce. Many companies have also reduced their cybersecurity budget. The current Coronavirus pandemic has influenced many industrial cybersecurity projects. The pandemic is having the greatest effect on in-home office workplaces and conditions where employees use their own devices to connect to the industrial control system network. According to Kaspersky survey research, the number of phishing and cyberattacks related to coronavirus has increased since March. Due to this many companies are adopting cybersecurity for securing their sensitive business-related data and hence the market has seen growth. AFTERMATH OF COVID-19 AND GOVERNMENT INITIATIVE TO BOOST THE MARKET COVID-19 overall has turned out to have a positive impact on industrial cybersecurity providers. As more and more companies has prioritizing the safety of their employees and hence making them for working from home. Various government initiatives and policies have been modified to encourage the use of industrial cybersecurity for ensuring safety of the crucial information and time of the company. As COVID-19 has fast-tracked the use of digital infrastructure for running business via internet and which has resulted in increase of cyberattacks and phishing activities, the companies are coming up with more robust cybersecurity solutions for businesses. For instance, · In February 2020, Fortinet, a global leader in broad, integrated and automated cybersecurity solutions as announced about the release of FortiOS 6.4 the latest version of its flagship operating system with over 350 new features. FortiOS 6.4 has introduced scalability, new automation, performance, and AI capabilities to deliver full protection across the entire digital infrastructure. STRATEGIC DECISIONS FOR MANUFACTURERS AFTER COVID-19 TO GAIN COMPETITIVE MARKET SHARE The demands for industrial cybersecurity are growing rapidly as it is becoming the need of businesses to ensure safety of their data. Government initiatives, policy changes and formation of new institutional bodies are also contributing in encouraging the businesses to adopt cybersecurity for securing industrial control system from cyberattacks. Industry experts agree that identifying and taking action to solve preventable vulnerabilities is a real opportunity for industrial cybersecurity to strengthen corporate defenses. The advent of advance technologies such as industrial IoT, edge computing, 5G, cloud and SaaS are leveraging cybersecurity providers to develop new robust security systems for businesses from preventing their online system from cyberattacks. INCREASING NUMBER OF INDUSTRIAL CYBERSECURITY SOLUTIONS TO CATER TO THE EXPONENTIAL DEMAND The companies are taking tactical decisions to increase their number of solutions and offerings to cater to the growing demand of cybersecurity solutions across various geographies. Not only that, they are also trying to advance the product by improving the related algorithms so as to provide a personalized feedback to each user For instance, In November 2020, Trend Micro Incorporated, a global leader in cyber security, has launched a new tool for detecting fraud and misinformation in the U.S. The free offering is designed to help users protecting themselves against online security threats, including false claims, privacy violations and spreaders of misinformation. This tool is another strong step towards the company's mission to make the digital world a safer place. · PARTNERSHIP, ACQUISITION TO INCREASE THE REACH AND STABILIZE THE SUPPLY · In May 2020, CyberArk, the global leader in privileged access management and cybersecurity solution, has announced that it has acquired Santa Clara, California-based IDaptive Holdings, Inc. (IDaptive) · In November 2020, FireEye, an intelligence-led security firm has announced that it has acquired Respond Software, a company that uses automation to assist customers to comprehend and investigate security incidents IMPACT ON DEMAND The pandemic has accelerated the demand of industrial cybersecurity as they are increasingly used for preventing the cyberattacks on the company’s information and ensure safety of various crucial data and mail system of the organization. Additionally, updates are constantly released to increase the security with better features to their customers. IMPACT ON SUPPLY CHAIN Although the global supply chain has been disrupted, it has not affected the operations of industrial cybersecurity providers since they are provided digitally. CONCLUSION COVID-19 has had a positive impact on cybersecurity vendors, as various influences put bigger pressure on industrial cybersecurity measures. A notable one-off influence was the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected the way companies work. A longer and continuing process that is impacting industrial cybersecurity is the use of digital methods to upsurge efficiency in companies. Several government initiatives have been tweaked and companies have been able to expand their operations in foreign territory. Major partnerships and acquisitions have also taken place between the vendors and other companies to allow the wide usage of this industrial cybersecurity. Many companies have also collaborated with many universities to conduct research and to provide customized services to their users. There has been a surge in demand for industrial cybersecurity due to increased phishing attacks and malicious activities during a pandemic.
A Look at Swann Security & Safety
With the Swann security system, families can feel secure no matter where they are. From the driveway to the garage, or even just a regular holiday trip with children, security is made easier and safer with these systems. It's easy to see why Swann is so popular. And with such outstanding features and a great warranty, it's no wonder. A smart home has smart home technology, too. With Swann security systems, everything is connected to your home computer and internet. Cameras can be hooked up anywhere in the home or yard. And with automatic video recording and smart home telephones, home protection has never been easier. The home of today is more automated than ever. From a single door that opens and closes to multiple security cameras and smart home technologies, your home is getting smarter. However, that also means that it's getting more dangerous. That's why you need to ensure your home protection by hiring professional installers to install Swann security cameras and other DIY products. Installers offer expert advice and ensure that all of your products are installed correctly. In fact, with advanced smart home technologies, there's more for you than just keeping your doors and windows locked. With new video surveillance and remote access systems, you can keep an eye on your kids, monitor water use, or remotely control air conditioning units. No longer must you leave your home to do tedious jobs or deal with annoying insects. For those who live in high-risk areas, there's now an even easier way to stay a step ahead. With a professional monitoring company, you can install one or more of the hottest new killer apps: Swann security camera and smart home automation. With access to real-time videos from around the world, you can view them as you please from your smartphone or tablet. With access to a multitude of cameras, Swann ensures that your property remains safe and secure. For years, homeowners have relied on trusted security companies to provide advanced monitoring and security systems. But with the newest advancements in technology and the ability to connect wirelessly to internet-based systems, companies no longer have to rely on phones and bulky monitoring equipment. With a few clicks of your smartphone or tablet, you can view live streaming video from any location around the world. With easy, personal access to the internet and a unique interface, you'll be able to view your home through the convenience of your computer screen. You'll even be able to view your property from your office, hotel room, or anywhere in the world! For those who have invested in high-end smartphones or tablets, access to the internet is extremely simple. If you have an app installed for your smartphone, you'll be able to stream videos from anywhere with an internet connection. And with the new smart home automation capabilities offered by Swann, you can get connected right from your smartphone! From anywhere, you can view video streams on your television screen or view videos from your home computer via the Swann Android app (and soon, perhaps other Android apps). And with a simple, two-click connection process, your Alexa Smart Home System is always protected. If you're looking for an ideal home security provider to keep your home secured, consider choosing a company like Swann that provides both an online home system with smart home automation and a mobile and web portal. The portal provided by Swann gives you a smart home experience, with access to live streaming video and notification of home security Alarm Systems. The home automation app gives you easy access to your home's cameras via your smartphone or tablet. And with access to more than 50 million cameras from around the globe, you're sure to stay one step ahead of intruders. With these features, what else could you possibly need?
Choosing the Best Event Security Service in 2021
I have been a security consultant for many years and it still amazes me how many clients go about their hiring decision of an event security service for their event. Most of the time it will be a carefully planned event and the client has spent a lot of money of effort to make it a success. It might be a wedding, a birthday party or a high level conference. Nevertheless, the first and most of the time only question the person hiring security will be concerned about is pricing. I understand that the economy is at a downturn and many people and companies have to save money, but it does not make any sense to spend thousands of dollars on an event and try to save a couple hundred dollars on the security of that event. The misconception is that security companies provide fairly generic services. While that is true in theory, in practice the skill level of security officers, supervisors and management in security companies, especially in the Greater Los Angeles area, are highly diverse. If clients are unlucky they will end up with security officers that are unprofessional and not up to the task or management that will not really care about a onetime client. Lack of good security or lack of quality security might ruin an otherwise flawlessly planned event. Therefore clients hiring security services for their event should put the same care into hiring security as they would put into any other important element of the event. They should ask many important questions like how the guards are trained that are going to provide security at the event and what type of experience do they possess. Who will be my contact person to plan the security of the event and who should I contact in case of emergency or if something goes wrong during the event? In case the security service should be more complex the client should insist on a security plan and a personal meeting with a security consultant. I have gotten calls from clients whose security provider failed to show up for no apparent reason and without giving notice. Most event halls or fire marshals require security to be present and would not allow the event to continue without proper security. Clients should protect themselves by obtaining a written contract and by checking references of the security company. A good company will provide you with a security plan and phone numbers of people to call in case of emergency. A good security company should reassure you that they will send competent, professional people that are up to the task. A security consultant should ask you many detailed questions about your expectations and send you the right people to fulfill the expectations. Beware of a company that will simply negotiate the price with you and send you security guards, because these people will not be well prepared to provide security services. On the other hand the client should be patiently answering questions, because the provided information and the due diligence by the security company will help make the event a success.
Construction Site Security - Better Handled By Professionals
A vacant lot that's under construction, contrary to popular belief, offers an excellent opportunity for thieves especially if it's not under the scrutiny of a construction site security detail. the favored belief stems from the looks of most construction areas where there's tons of rubble, dust, and debris strewn about. But to the trained eye, or maybe to an observant vagrant, it's almost like encounter a goldfield. Copper wire, a lot of wood, fixtures, the chances are endless. These sites are a haven for thieves. The Question: To Secure Or Not? Undertaking Construction Site Security jobs is one that must be through with extreme care. Needless to mention, the term 'security states an absolute condition. and thus, there are only two states concerning it: that of there being security and its opposite that of its absence. there's no gray area. And there's no such thing as '99.9% secure'. A 0.1% breach of security implies that there's 0% security as anyone can cash in of that breach to realize access to the entire construction site. Security Concerns It should be noted that when mentioning construction area security, it doesn't only cover the prevention of property theft. There are some ways that a construction site is often attacked. for instance, defacing property, vandalism of machinery, and ruining the constructed edifices are a number of the opposite ways harm is often done to a construction site - the limit is really up to the creativity of the trespasser. Security Solutions Many security solutions require to be put in situ to stop them. A construction company now has got to choose whether or to not hire a corporation or look out for its security internally. As a business, it might observe sense if the corporate chose to outsource the safety job. this can help it to consider what it does best: construction. this can leave everything to the safety company. this permits the safety company to try to do what it does best: security. Some companies provide Construction Site Security across the board or a security packet that's designed to satisfy the precise requirements of the client. it's usually best to possess the safety firm to send a representative for a free security assessment. Their trained eye can design a security program that meets the requirements of your site. Backed by quite 20 years of enforcement and security experience, Centron Security, a Houston security services company, has the expertise to satisfy your construction site security needs. Outsourcing your security needs and hiring on-site security services isn't only cost-effective but good business management. Sites are insured and getting good rates on this insurance is feasible when the insurance firm knows that you simply are less of the risk of a claim. for little construction businesses, this is often a requirement. Let's face it you spent tons of cash, time, and energy building your business, why would you risk allowing one incident to mar an honest record and to lose future business. The expense of hiring reputable site security services can pay for itself in increased trust in your reliability as a business. it's cheaper to outsource than to undertake to line up an in-house security system. And if you've got multiple sites or an outsized area to hide this may be a touch too time-consuming adding weeks to your construction schedule.
Construction Site Security
The management and therefore the executive officers of a security company are the simplest determinants of the service a client will receive. to be licensed as a professional manager for a security company by the Construction Site Security officer must have worked a minimum of 1 year. Naturally, there are other requirements and a test that has got to be passed, but that's the foremost difficult and important hurdle. One year of guard experience won't suffice to run a knowledgeable guard company and ensure professional, reliable service to clients. As a client, one should ask to satisfy one among the chief officers to make sure that one is hiring a security company that understands all aspects of the safety business. Many security guards and clients are under the misunderstanding that a security company is just a workplace that gives security guards. an honest security company will have a proven concept of hiring the proper people, holding them accountable, and adding value to the client's business. Hiring the proper people means a rigorous interview process by human resource professionals, who will choose the simplest of the simplest from a pool of candidates. It also means a proven background check procedure, which can ensure with a criminal background and a history of violence aren't hired. an honest security company will protect its clients and itself from liability by choosing the proper security guards candidates with the required experience within the security industry. Holding security officers accountable means establishing checks and balances with security guards, supervisors, and therefore the client. There should be equipment used, which can provide the client and therefore the supervisors with a report of the safety officer's activity throughout his shift. Supervisors should be visiting the location frequently to see on and coach the safety guards. they ought to also frequently sign up with the client to make sure customer satisfaction. Many clients might wonder how a watchman can add value to their business side from just providing security services. a superb security company will find some ways by going beyond their post orders to feature value to their client's business. during a jewelry dealer the most responsibility of the guard is to guard clients and property, but smiling and being professional and courteous with the purchasers will improve the atmosphere within the store. A watchman at a construction site will save construction people tons of your time by limiting access to job seekers and keeping a log of tourists. Hotel security guards can help the hotel save costs by handing out newspapers or assisting the bell desk if necessary. an excellent security company will employ security consultants which will come up with innovative ways to supply value beyond the regular security services. clients need to spot that they're handling a corporation that will add value by requesting a gathering with one among the managers of the corporate. Charles Willis may be an adviser for a Construction Site Security frequently training and training l. a. Security Guards and Orange County Security Guards. He has provided security consultations to numerous Fortune 500 companies and smaller businesses. he's recognized together of the specialists within the security consultation field.
7 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Private Security Company
Every smart business owner understands how important it's to rent a personal Security Guard Edmonton in today's times when crimes became so common that one robbery takes place every five minutes approximately in one area or the opposite. Many private security companies are often found on the web and within the telephone book but have many of these companies provide superior quality security services? We just do not know. But here are some questions that will assist you to determine whether the private security company you're brooding about hiring possesses to prove some mettle or not. How does one Train the Safety Officers? This question can offer you an excellent deal of insight on whether the safety guards the Security Guard Edmonton will provide you with will perform their duty well or not. If the protective officers and guards are given security training by professionals, it's good to understand because you'll a minimum of believing them to save lots of you from an unfortunate incident. Are the safety Guards Trained By Certified Professionals? Another question you should not forget to ask is whether or not the safety officers are trained by certified professionals or not. Security training professionals are highly skilled experts who concentrate on security training, combat alongside firearm using skills, etc. Every watchman must tend formal security training so that he can do his job diligently. Do Security Guards Practice Unarmed Defensive Tactics? Using firearms isn't the sole account keeping unfortunate incidents cornered. Protective officers especially those protecting college campuses and schools must skill to use unarmed defensive tactics. Unarmed defensive tactics are all about handling various potentially harmful situations without using any fire weapons. Are Background Checks Performed on Security Officers? All reputed private companies hire Protective officers after performing thorough background checks. Background checks are performed to make sure that the individuals they're close to hiring don't have any criminal records or complaints lodged against them. So it wouldn't hurt to ask if the safety guards are background checked by the private protective companies before referring them to 3rd party employers. Our Security Officers Trained to Handle Medical Emergencies? Nowadays, the private security industry has become very competitive, and to possess a foothold over other companies, additional training is given to security officers like medical training. Some companies train their security officers to handle medical emergency skills to offer mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, assisting the wounded with care kits, etc. Do Armed Security Officers Hold Licenses? The security guards you're close to hiring must hold licenses for handling firearms. Licensing ensures that the firearms won't be mishandled. Also, confirm the licenses are awarded to them by state-regulated agencies. Are Security Officials given Insurance? Protective officers put their bodies on the road to guard their employers against harm so you want to confirm that they're given proper medical and accidental insurance just in case they're injured or hurt. Medical and accidental insurance from an honest insurance firm shows that the private security company actually cares for its employees and takes them seriously. Next time once you hire a personal officer from a Security Guard Edmonton do not forget to ask these 6 questions. Security Company Edmonton is that the best security company offering superior quality security services in various cities of Edmonton.