Which are the clinical study designs?


Introduction to Clinical Research Course is a peer reviewed and certified short course covering the basic concepts of clinical research. The course provides an introductory overview aimed at everyone involved in clinical research and focuses on the main areas of why and how clinical research is carried out, the importance of ethics in research, and an outline of the five main clinical study designs.

Upon completion of the course you will have gained an understanding of:

1)The basic concepts of clinical research e.g. what it is, how it differs from standard care and why it is undertaken
2)The purpose of ethics in research, what informed consent is and why it is necessary
3)Five of the most commonly used study designs
4)How high ethical standards, data quality and uniformity are maintained in a study.

The completely informed consent forms of the patients are one of the most important pieces of the puzzle of any clinical trial that protects the volunteers. Any changes in the mind of the volunteers enable them to withdraw from the trail immediately, ensuring their complete safety.

Clinical research trainings are given to every professional involved in the trial. Clinical research courses are continuously updated based on the disease and development of technology to ensure the complete safety of the participants of the trial.