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See Private Profiles using Instagram Viewer(Updated)

Instagram provides the option of making your account either private or public. In most cases, celebrities will set their profiles to ‘public’ as most of their content will spark public interest. For any other person, you can select your profile to either public or private as you wish.

In most cases, people set their profiles to private because of security reasons. Besides, some feel comfortable allowing access to trusted individuals. Whichever way works for you, then you can go for it. As much as your Instagram information is your business, most people would get interested in knowing more about you.

Many Instagram viewer websites and apps are claiming that by using their site’s feature of the Private Instagram Viewer, you can see the private Instagram profile of anyone you want, but they are all hoaxes, in my opinion.

A Private Instagram Profile Viewer Work?

Now, to be very frank, all of them are dubious and wouldn’t in the least help you achieve your objective. Moreover, there’s a pretty good chance that you would be duped on your hard-earned money. So, beware, before you fall into such a trap, here is a list of pointers you need to keep in mind before you click on any such links. Some are even hacking sites, which will be very dangerous compared to other ones!

How to view private Instagram?

Is there a way to view private Instagram? A simple Google search will spew out thousands of results, promising you a Private Instagram Viewer in exchange for money or completion of surveys. There has been an increase in the number of such sites recently, as it has piqued the interest of the masses.

A few sites which can be used for viewing private Instagram accounts are

InstaLooker -

InstaLooker is another site that lets you monitor your Private Accounts easily. The site doesn’t waste your time by asking you to download apps or provide the login details instead, enter the username of the target and get access to the results.

IG Lookup -

IGLookup is especially Instagram's private account viewer applies a switching technique. It provides you to view private Instagram photos. Instagram is one of the popular social media where people share photos, videos, and chitchat with family, friends, and colleagues but put the privacy to access it.

Private Instagram Accounts

People who wish to share visual content but only with a certain number of people, resort to private profiles. You can do this by manually putting your profile visibility to private through the settings menu in the Instagram app.

Doing this will prevent any unwanted interaction with your profile and people will not be able to contact you as easily as they could with a public account. The entire control of who can see the content shared on the profile, and who can reach out to you on messages, is in the hands of the owner of the account.

Only the people whom the owner wishes to keep in his/her account will have access to it. People would have to send a follow request to the account to see their content. Once the owner accepts the request, the follower would be able to check out the entire profile.

Stories Features

One of the biggest additions to Instagram as of late is the Stories feature. Stories are similar to Snapchat in that users add clips of video to a story which is viewable for 24 hours before it vanishes. You can view Story content as many times as you want within those 24 hours. Stories appear as little circles at the top of your followers’ feeds.

Final Thoughts

Finally, what I’m trying to say is that you can see Private Instagram Profile using any of the ways mentioned above or even through any of the third-party services which you think may work. If you try and anyhow find any working solutions or ways to check out a private Instagram account, then kindly comment on your solutions in the comment box provided below, which will be helpful for many readers like you to do the same. Thanks for reading!
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