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I saw this and had to share it with you guys. Hedgehogs are illegal to own where I live, but I love them so much!! They're adorable, especially this little guy :) I wonder how they travel with him? I've never even thought about how someone takes a tiny hedgehog on a plane... "Meet Biddy, a tiny hedgehog who has big adventures. Biddy, a 3.5-year-old African pygmy hedgehog who lives in Oregon with his owners Toni DeWeese and Tom Unterseher, is a huge social media star with over 380,000 followers on Instagram. He’s become wildly popular for his travel photos that document his explorations all over the Pacific Northwest." Here is the link to his instagram:
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@pampam93 @traveller I would also be out hahaha no. thank. you.
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@onesmile hahah we should put our flight money together and share a boat or something! hahahaha
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@pampam93 hahahah great idea!! Lets do it :)
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the last pic with his tongue sticking out lol, omg he is too cute
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sooooooo cuuuuute. I love it :)
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