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as Kyung Jae learns the cold hard truth on the upcoming episode of Big! Clearly we’re getting tears, plus plenty of anger and recriminations, all of which will be well-deserved coming from Kyung Joon towards his no-good parents. According to the news article, Gong Yoo as Kyung Jae learns the truth about his parentage and the soul switch secret hidden in the Miracle book, thereby falling into a uncertainty. Despite Da Ran and Kyung Jae confirming their feelings for each other, and spending a happy birthday together, their happiness is short lived. Once Kyung Jae discovers the secrets, he falls into a heart breaking despair and confusion and uncertainty about his future. The filming has been non-step on this drama, and production team members saw how into character Gong Yoo was as Kyung Jae and worried for his stamina as he conveyed the tears and hurt felt by Kyung Jae. Before we saw happy and falling-in-love Kyung Jae, now we’re going to see the tearful and in pain Kyung Jae. Gong Yoo’s acting has been garnering praises from the media and even the production team expressed their admiration for how hard he worked and how incredible his acting was in playing two characters.
i wish i could watch the live streaming on ep 14... i loved gong yoo in the ending of ep 13.. he surely can bring it on, . my tears started falling as i waited for his..can't wait for the live recap on ep 14... the are all in an emotional chaos and i hope their sufferings will end soon... i wish KKJ's body could wake up soon with his own soul...
Good afternoon,sapphire148. I had a bad night,couldnt sleep well. I watched episode13 this morning,have no mood to do my work with this sadness on my mind. I couldnt crying when Kyung Joon cried. I think Da Ran is having it hard too. Wiah I can punch Mari real hard. Im hoping the next episode has some good in it. Waiting for your recap tonight.
cant wait until tonight...
I cried whenever da ran cried and when kyung jae was sad. This is really getting bad for me,cant control my feelings for them.
oh no, I'll definitely cry when I see him cry!! :(
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