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The lure I wanna introduce today is a very compact lure that may look like a spoon, but actually casts more like a jigging lure. How you ask? Well, even though the Hopkins Shorty is so compact, it casts like a bullet because of its density and you can really toss it out there, and it’ll drop fast to 20 or 30 feet of water where the bass might be hanging out. Then, with the right jigging of the lure, you can pull them out and get them biting thanks to the density of this lure. The best way I’ve found to jig a lure like this is the really abruptly raise and lower the tip--this works well to have it come both up and down rapidly, making a really appealing look for the bass who might be lurking. You might also catch come other fish on it, but I have learned that bass are gonna strike as the lure is dropping back down in the water after you jerk it up. Overall this lure is really great because it works well in currents, deep water, and can be used in a few other cases as well. I really recommend the silver as the best color choice for fishing all different environments and types, without limiting yourself to one type of water or fish. The S-1 model is my favorite model, and you can use whatever weight works best with the rest of your rod setup.
@happyrock they're honestly my favorite lures as well hah. I try some fancier ones but they can be too much.
This is the kind of lure I love when you introduce lol its simple and effective