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I really love frog-imitation baits, so I think you’re gonna end up learning about all the different ones available if you keep following this collection! Hah. The nice thing about this style of lure is that it can create some awesome top-water catches, and there’s nothing more exciting than a big bite from a bass for me. There'a also a variety of colors in the Jitterbug specifically, which makes it work for a number of conditions beyond frog imitation. The Jitterbug is great for bass, and relaxing in a way because it’s gonna be a slow retrieve, and is easy to catch with. This 3/8 ounch lure is best used in a slow retrieve which is actually probably why not many of the younger guys who want to try some fancy jigging aren’t using it, but I find it really peaceful to just glug along with a jitterbug. It’s great to cast in a calm water location, and just let it slop back to you slowly with a nice steady retrieve. This glubbing will make good vibrations in the water, and attract the bass for a big bite. You might be shocked how much that bass will surprise you when you’re just pulling it along slow and steady until -BAM!- it grabs the jitterbug. But for me, that kind of shock is half the fun. Who wants to be bored while fishing, right? Anyone else have any luck with jitterbugs? I can't wait to get some more explosive hits.
@Tbn1587 It's the time of year when the temptation of frogs and dogs is too great, ha!
Really underrated lure I need to use more often. Lately been throwing nothin but frogs and dogs.
@fallingwater indeed; you can do a ton with it
@mcgraffy cool, thanks. can you slow reel a texas rig effectively?
@fallingwater there's quite a lot of them, haha, but other crankbiats do well this well. Really you can try out all sorts of retrieval methods for any lures
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