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 Recap Ep 1: Recap Ep 2: Recap Ep 3: Recap Ep 4: Recap Ep 5: Recap Ep 6: Recap Ep 7: Recap Ep 8: Recap Ep 9: Recap Ep 10: Recap Ep 11: Recap Ep 12: Recap Ep 13: Da Ran saw a guy standing in the light, she asked whether it's Kyung Joon or Yoon Jae. there. Yoon Jae said, "I am the person you want..." They together went into a room and see Kyung Joon lying on the bed. She asked, "Who is he...?" Yoon Jae said, "It's the person you throw away..." and she is awake! It was only a dream!!! She woke up in the morning, and went to see Yoon Jae. She said, "Kyung Joon, are you OK? are you not feeling well? Let's go to the hospital." Yoon Jae said, "Forget it. It's Yoon Jae's body who is sick, not mine. I don't care." Before Da Ran left the house, she wrote Yoon Jae a memo, telling him to drink some medicine. Ma Ri (that biatch) came and confirm about what Da Ran said the night before. Yoon Jae said, "It's true. She knew it. She just used me to save Yoon Jae. I will do accordingly to what she wants. And after that, I will disappear from her." Da Ran met Yoon Jae's mom and her mom said that Yoon Jae has to get Kyung Joon's blood in order to save him. Da Ran said, "Kyung Joon is more important than Yoon Jae. I want you to apologize to Kyung Joon and explain to Yoon Jae about what is happening, and after that we can save Yoon Jae." So after Da Ran went home, she told Yoon Jae that tonight they will have dinner with his parents, and they go to the restaurant. While they are waiting for the parents to come, Yoon Joon again was really sarcasm about Yoon Jae's body. He said synically, "Oh, Yoon Jae's body hates mushrooms, so he can't eat that.."and some other things too. Da Ran said not to behave like that because they are his future parents. Yoon Jae said, "What if I just say it here, that I am Kyung Joon??" And he took out the angel drawings that he have. Da Ran stopped him, and the parents came. So the mom seperate the black beans when she eat. Da Ran explained that Kyung Joon also hates black beans. The parents finally explain about how it happens about Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon. They said, "You and Kyung Joon are actually twins. Because your mom's body was too weak, we only chose Yoon Jae back then. We keep Kyung Joon's fertilized egg (Im sorry guys i dunno the right terms!!!) and when we found out that Yoon Jae is sick, we decided to use the surrogate mother." Yoon Jae said, "Oh, so you guys chose Yoon Jae before me??" Kyung Joon was really angry and just left the room. Da Ran tried to chase him, but he shouted to Da Ran, "So my parents chose Yoon Jae before me, and you too..." He went to meet Kyung Joon's uncle and aunt and asked about Kyung Joon's mom story. They told him that Kyung Joon's mom really love Yoon Jae's dad so she did everything, including being pregnant for them, and give birth to Kyung Joon alone in the states. He was really really furious and went to Yoon Jae's house. He asked his mom, "Why did you do that??" (OH so sadd HE IS CRYING) His mom said, "For Yoon Jae, I can do everything.Kyung Joon's mom is a very kind-hearted person, so she granted our wish." Yoon Jae said, "If you really love her, you shouldn't let her do that. Why did you use her to give birth to Kyung Joon??!!!" And he left. He went to a bar to drink while everyone was trying to contact him. He finally picked Da Ran's call. Da Ran went to where he is now and he tried to asked Da Ran the truth about her feeling. He is still mad about why Da Ran used him just to save Yoon Jae. Or whether it will be different if he is born first instead of Yoon Jae. Da Ran said, "because you are kind-hearted..." it makes him more and more mad and he left to the bathroom. He took of the watch Da Ran give to him and left it in the bathroom. Ma Ri came to search for Yoon Jae and the waiter gave back the watch to Ma Ri. At home, Yoon Jae who is drunk throw away the book writen by his father. "So what with this miracle book!!" Meanwhile, Yoon Jae's mom met Se Young and say that it is better for Kyung Joon not to know about anything if he is awake. The next morning, Da Ran was talking with Yoon Jae when she realized that he lost her watch. She is a little bit upset about that. Before leaving to teach, she had a call with Yoon Jae's mom and say that Yoon Jae will go to the hospital today to get blood from Kyung Joon. In the school, she kept thinking about why he didn't wear his watch anymore, and it feels like 10.10 forever for her. She cried and so hurt. Yoon Jae went to the hospital and put the injection to Kyung Joon to put him in surgery. Se Young said, "it's funny. He rejected when I tried to inject him, but he doesn't now. He's your brother." Kyung Joon will have a surgery in German, so Yoon Jae will go with him together. When Da Ran tell this news to their parents, the parents asked whether Da Ran will go together to Germany, but she said she will just stay in Korea. Yoon Jae told Da Ran that he already put the house at the real estate agent and he wished that when he go to Germany, Da Ran will pack her stuffs. Ma Ri still decided not to return the watch to Da Ran. Yoon Jae went back to the bar where he lost the watch, but the waiter said that a young female student took it away. He met Ma Ri and ask the watch from her. Meanwhile Da Ran also went to the bar and search for the watch, but the waiter said, some guy just came to search for the watch. At home, Da Ran saw Yoon Jae with the rubbish back, start to throw away things. He said, "I;m not you, who pick back the trash when it's thrown away." Yoon Jae went to meet his parents, and say goodbye there. He said, "It's the last one. Let's have a hug." So he hug his parents. Da Ran said, "if Kyung Joon is back, he will have new parents, is should be a good thing.." But Yoon Jae said, "It's a good thing only for Yoon Jae, not for me..." and he left to the airport. Da Ran is in the hospital with Yoon Jae's mom, looking at Kyung Joon. And his dad is looking at Kyung Joon from outside. Yoon Jae is in the airport, but Ma Ri is already waiting for him. She said, "Kyung Joon, let's go to Germany together!" Yoon Jae said, "Stay away from me. I won't go to Germany. I will just leave and dissappear." Ma Ri said, "But if you are stucked with Yoon Jae's body, you can be sick too and it's dangerous for you too!!" But he said, "I don't care. I won't hear what everyone say." Ma Ri called Da Ran and she ran to the airport (still have no idea how people can do this in dramas HAHA) and he was about to enter the immigration place when Da Ran called him. "Kyung Joon! Don't go! i will tell you the truth! Your dad really loved your mom. But there is no other way to save Yoon Jae ecept that way. So your mother was willing to do that. She said that she is willing to live unfortunate because of the love. So don't go. Save Yoon Jae,..and let me just live unfortunate...because I LOVE you..Kyung Joon..." They finally went home and Da Ran said that we have to find the professor who knows about the book. Yoon Jae went to see the professor, and the professor told him that Kyung JOon's mom wrote the book (while the dad draw the picture). Before she passed away, Kyung JOon's mom give the book to the profesor and asked him to give it to Yoon Jae, and she pray that if Yoon Jae and Kyung Joon meet again, there will be miracle happen, that's why the title of the book is 'Miracle'. So Yoon Jae made a decision. If they are swapped back again, he will forget everything, that's how he can get the hapiness as what his mom expected (if he is awake he will get new family, and he has to forget about Da Ran and all the happy memories he had with Da Ran) Oh so sad sad I'm crying TT He is alone at home, looking at the empty house imagining Da Ran is next to him. Da Ran went home with some nice bread, and they have a talk. Yoon Jae said, "Tomorrow I will go to hospital and they will take the blood." Da Ran said, "So..there is a possibility that tomorrow..everything will end.... I will hold your hand, when it comes." Yoon Jae said, "No. You have to stay with Yoon Jae's body. Don't stay with me. Promise me. There is nothing changed even after the accident. Just think that Kyung Joon never enter your life. Just forget all the memories we had. Pretend that it never happens. " Da Ran said," OK, if you want it, I will just pretend that nothing ever happens." But she cried, she doesn't want him to see her crying so she pretend to get something from the fridge, but actually he is also crying. They are in the hospital the next day, and Ma Ri and Da Ran are waiting anxiously outside. During the blood transfusion, Yoon Jae collapsed. Ma Ri went to see Kyung Joon. He is still lying. Yoon Jae is also lying in other room. Da Ran went to see him, and called him,"Kyung Joon...You're Kyung Joon, right??" Ep 14 Ending: ---------------------------------------------------------- Feel free to share this card by clicking on the f/t button! Don't forget to click on the ♥ button too! :) 
@sapphire... it's ok, thanks girl...^^
@nylamrehs hellooo sorry for late reply hehe is the biggest korean portal site. it's like korean version of google hehe. Korean never use google/yahoo, naver is the biggest one :)) FYI :)))
i hope so... she got so much love from KKJ unlike yoon jae who just took her for granted...
I saw it in BIG korean drama facebook. If it wont be extended,then I hope for a great ending in ep16. All im thinking right now is,are Kyung Joon and Da Ran fated to be together?
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