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Book vs. Movie: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (part 1) by Ann Brashares Just like The Princess Diaries, the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann Brashares underwent some pretty big plot changes when it was adapted for the movie screen, while still keeping the same characters and themes. The biggest difference between the book and the movie that bothered me was the relationship between Kostos and Lena. It was definitely very different in the book. In the book, Lena’s grandmother sought to set Kostos and Lena up right away, and there was no feud between the families until after Lena’s grandmother misunderstands and thinks that Kostos attacked Lena in some way. Their relationship develops and ends very differently, and that really affects the way viewers feel about it compared to how they feel about the book relationship. I had one big disappointment about the movie in regards to the changes, and that had to do with Tibby/Bailey’s relationship. While I thought that it made sense that they changed the way they began spending time together because it was easier for the viewer to understand, I really hated how quickly Tibby seemed to recover from the loss of Bailey. In the book, she is distraught--she cannot eat, sleep, or do anything for weeks or even months. We see this in movie Tibby, but she seems to recover much more quickly. Again, I’m sure this was done in order to make it more viewable, but I really felt that their connection was diminished because of it. There are quite a few other differences between the two versions, but those two differences are the cause the biggest changes. The themes of the stories, including hopefulness, love and loyalty, are still present in both stories, though, and I really thoroughly enjoyed each version. For me, the characters remained unchanged, but the things that happen to them change a bit. I’ll talk about the sequels in another card! Which version did you like better? Why?
@dreamstars Totally agree :) I'm always willing to re-read books, but not always as willing to re-watch movies!
I only watched the movie and I love it. Oooo I miss my besties
books can give us more meaning than movie i think.. books r always addictive..
Ya,books are mostly greater than the movies. It's just the visualization. Sharing diary :)
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