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This is so accurate. Also agree with @cheerfulcallie for sure
@cheerfulcallie mmhm lol those lips lolol
@cheerfulcallie called me her best buddy :) aaaw btw I consider you a"real Asian babe" lol
@cheerfulcallie you are totally right about how it can get too personal.. so that's why i just have profile pictures and upload photos when i have to like if i took photos of my friends! and i am glad you are really comfortable with us here on Vingle :) well I guess.. i hope you will share more of your beautiful selfie with your food / accessory here in Vingle! i will totally be waiting to like your cards because me and @mrjockx are not able to like it on facebook due to your lack of selfie there ahahha :D
@ameliasantos10 thats the reason why im very conservative on there b/c its too personal, ppl know what you're doing and whatnot and i find it too bothersome, no privacy so i say less, i RARELY EVER say much or update my status...the total opposite of how i am here...i like vingle b/c its impersonal so i dont mind showing my pic b/c what do ppl know abt me except my username? pretty much nothing else....so i like it here b/c i get to share the same interest i have with others without anyone being nosy. now, if ppl get curios abt me then they are more then welcome to msg me....you know what i mean? as for selfies, i do take a few but i only share them with close friends on my KKT accnt, lolz
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