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When you hear the term “non-fiction writing” you might only think of the most common kinds of non-fiction writing such as a newspaper article or a biography. Actually, though, the types of non-fiction writing are incredibly diverse and varied. Even the little scarps of writing you scribble in a journal and call a diary are a part of non-fiction writing. Diaries are actually one of the most common forms of non-fiction writing: people of any age may pick up a journal or notebook, and begin to record what happens to them in daily life. This is non-fiction writing. Non-fiction is the sharing or recording of any sort of truth. In some cases, it maybe written just for your own personal benefit, such as a diary. Sometimes, diaries end up being adapted into memoirs. There are many authors who have taken their diaries and journals of a particularly hard or interesting time in their lives, and rewritten them into a style that is suited for others beyond themselves to read and enjoy. So, if you fancy your life’s events to be pretty interesting, try writing them down. Someday, you may look back on these memories and wish to adapt their details into a full memoir of a time when you learned something. In fact, many of the world best-selling non-fiction pieces began this way, so I highly suggest that you write a daily or weekly diary. Even if you do not choose to publish it some day, you may be able to more clearly remember the moments you would otherwise forget, and that is a treasure in itself.
@greggr I don't know about that, but I will at least give it a shot haha :)
@onesmile You've got my point!! Perhaps you'll surprise yourself and someday realize that people might, indeed, enjoy reading your words!
I'm thinking back on the only diaries I ever kept and....well they're made by an 8 yr old version of me and thats embarrassing! But you make a good point, maybe I should start writing again. just in case something wonderful happens
@moya23 I would still classify these as fiction--as they deviate too far from the truth to be a memoir. If they're still completely factual to the author's knowledge, but written in the manner of a novel I would call it "memoir."
Then, what about a novel (a book) based on a true story? How should we categorize it?
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