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SAVING THE LIFE..OF PET DOG..during the flood season..
he should od been rewarded for saving a dog. and he so cuteeee♥♡♥
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I could proberly say the boy look cute too♥♡ :D
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this is so touching! i have always thought photos like this is just heart warming and well pretty much sad because of the heavy flood... but @zukus1914 do you know where these events are from?
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From the Philippines, during rainy season ...many people are suffering the flood!! because of the climate change..
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@zukus1914 i hear that these kinds of events happen quite often... the only thing close to this that i have experienced is probably the monsoon season in Korea and looking at this picture again reminds me of the photos i have seen from Thailand a couple of years ago where there's an old man doing the same thing :(
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