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The best brothers in the anime world
The affection of brotherhood, happiness and security experienced by siblings in our ordinary lives exists as it is, and even more so in the world of anime. Those who follow anime do not know me and my brother or me and my sister. These are some of the anime that reflected to us the importance of brotherhood and the strength of bonding between brother and brother or between brother and sister, so with the best brothers In the world of anime, we will sail to see examples of this relationship that we live in our lives and always cherish, as the viewer learns by watching anime how close brothers are to each other and how a brother is a shield of protection and aid for his brother. Luffy, Ace and Sabo from the anime One Piece Who does not know the One Piece anime or does not know Luffy, that character who captured the hearts of many followers, Luffy who aspires to be the king of the pirates and helps his friends and loves them greatly. This character showed us how strong the bond between brother and brother is, we lived many moments with Luffy and his crew until We reached that point where we learned that Luffy has a brother named Ace, or as he is called the fire cane, Ace. Ace was captured by the world government and decided to execute him, and here all the meanings of brotherhood are evident so that Luffy struggles to save his brother from death. The brother is the bond, so how can the brother see his brother in trouble and not help him? They play and hunt together, and they go through crises while they are together. This is brotherhood. The three pledged to be close brothers to each other, so they were loyal to each other like real brothers, and here began their adventures and support for each other, and they gave us the most wonderful examples of being the best brothers in the world of anime. Sasuke and Itachi from Naruto Shippuden Naruto created this legendary anime, which includes many characters that are considered one of the strongest characters in the anime world, and among those characters that all Naruto anime followers loved, but rather all followers of the anime world Uchiha Itachi, this fugitive ninja who killed all members of his clan and joined the Akatsuki organization without us knowing The real purpose of doing so, as the only goal and the main goal was to protect his younger brother Sasuke, and it was shown to us in these events how much the brother supported his brothers. What did the older brother Itachi do to protect his younger brother Sasuke? Itachi killed his clan after the deception by Danzo, and Itachi's goal was to protect the village from his clan's coup, and his ultimate goal was to protect his younger brother Sasuke, so he chose to be a fugitive ninja to protect his brother. He is getting stronger and more self-reliant. It is worth noting how many feelings of remorse Sasuke experienced after he took revenge on his brother, and then he knew the whole truth and how his older brother carried all that love for him in his heart. Sasuke and Itachi are among the top 10 brothers in the anime world, and there is no question about that. Gohan and Goten from Dragon Ball Goten is the younger brother of Gohan, as Gohan was the owner of great strength and was similar to his father, Son Goku, in terms of outward appearance, but Goten did not see his father until he was seven years old, so the task of taking care of him fell on his older brother Gohan, Gohan trained and educated his brother Martial Arts Goten discovered his special powers through training with his brother, as Goten was able to transform into a Super Saiyan before he was able to fly. Also, Gohan taught his brother Goten how to perform the kami-hami, which is one of the abilities of their father Goku, and Gohan was the big brother who did not leave his brother Goten until he became the owner of great powers and could rely on himself, so how can we not put them on the list of the best brothers in the anime world. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru from the anime Inuyasha Sesshomaru was the older brother of Inuyasha, and Sesshomaru was a complete monster, not like his brother Inusha, who was half a monster and half a human being. As for Inusha, half of him was human and the other half was a beast, and he aspired to achieve his goal of being a complete monster with great power to avenge his painful past. A fight took place between them once, and Sesshomaru almost killed his brother Inusha, but he was able to escape from the grip of his brother, who was a killer of many in cold blood until He does not kill his brother. Edward and Alphonse Elric from the anime Full Metal Alchemist Edward and Alphonse's mother died after the scourge and epidemic befell the village, and Alphonse was young after that incident, so the great responsibility fell on Edward, as Edward believed that taking care of his brother Alphonse was the most important thing he should do, and Edward considered that his brother was the most valuable thing left for him in this life . When the two brothers performed the human transformation, Edward gave his hand to his brother Alphonse to save him, and Edward felt great guilt towards his brother, especially when he complained of discomfort in his body. In the end, Alphonse sacrificed for his brother Edward, so that we see one of the images of sacrifices between the brothers and to be among the best brothers in the world of anime. Killua and Alluka from the anime Hunter All followers of the Hunter X Hunter anime know Killua, that character that we loved as much as we loved John, but how did that character live? Killua's older brother, Illumi, raised him badly to make him kill mercilessly and to make him stronger, and he implanted a needle in his brother Killua's brain so that he would be able to control his behavior and actions. Killua really hated it. On the other hand, Killua loved his little sister Alluka in an indescribable way, although Alluka was not loved by others because of her inability to control her strength, and the family imprisoned her for fear of her involuntary strength, so her brother Killua grieved for her and promised that he would not abandon her and would take her with him to experience adventures that would make her enjoy In her childhood, like other girls. Killua and Aluka are among the most prominent and best brothers in the anime world. Despite everyone's fear of Aluka, her older brother, Killua, loved her very much, defended her, and always protected her. Sami and handsome from anime me and my brother Who among us does not know Waseem, this little boy and his older brother Sami, whom we have always watched in childhood anime, me and my brother. Sami, this 10-year-old older brother, was kind-hearted and gave his life to take care of his younger brother Waseem after the death of their mother, although Sami was upset From his little brother at the beginning, because he was sad about the separation of his mother, but he did not wear that he loved his little brother very much and always accompanied him to be Sami and Handsome, one of the best brothers in the anime world. Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko from Demon Slayer anime Demon slayer anime, whose story revolves around Tanjiro, this good boy who loves his family and takes care of them until a group of demons kills all members of his family except for his younger sister, who survives them, but turns into a demon, so Tanjiro decides to be a demon slayer in order to defend his sister and avenge the death of his family, and we see In this anime, the most wonderful examples of brotherhood and the love of a brother for his sister, to be among the best brothers in the world of anime deservedly. #anime #animeyat