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Noodling (Paul’s Valley, Oklahoma) Want to try a sport that’s only legal in 13 states? Do you at least want to know why it’s only legal in 13 states? “Noodling” is the sport! Noodling is a style of catching fish. Have you seen any shows about handfishing? Then you’ve seen someone noodle (? is that the right verb?) To go noodling, you go out to a river in a group of 3-5 people, and then you stick your arm into a hole in the river-side wall until you find a fish. Then just put your hand in its mouth, pull it out, and your friends will help you get a line through it. What, that doesn’t sound easy? If you’re intrigued, check out the click above to see the basics of noodling. And if you want to go, check if your state allows handfishing or not, and if not, then make sure to head to another state before embarking on this mission. If you want to go in Oklahoma, Paul’s Valley is an area that comes highly recommended for noodling. Here, you can find a few different tour guides who are willing to take you, your friends, and their buddies out to the river to show you just how this sport is done. Getting to Paul’s Valley is pretty easy: fly into Oklahoma City then rent a car, and head out to Paul's Valley. In fact, if you go to Paul's Valley's official website, you can find info about the yearly Okie Noodling competition, and even register yourself! It might be the perfect time to check it out. Noodling may not be for everyone, but if you’re looking for a unique day on your trip in the one of the thirteen states where it’s legal, you might want to give it a shot. At the very least, you might want to make your friends give it a shot and head out to watch them scream! Paul's Valley website: to check out the best of hillbilly handfishing!
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@mcgraffy @onesmile me too! just pull up a chair and watch :)
@onesmile @fallingwater yeah it would for sure get a laugh out of me
@mcgraffy @fallingwater I don't see the fun of it either, but I can see the fun in watching other people try it for the first time!
@onesmile @mcgraffy yeah I can't even catch a fish well on a rod let alone with my hands!!! It seems scary $!
@onesmile I'm just not sure what the fun of grabbing a fish out of a whole like this would be
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