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Go Noodling in Paul's Valley, Oklahoma

Noodling (Paul’s Valley, Oklahoma) Want to try a sport that’s only legal in 13 states? Do you at least want to know why it’s only legal in 13 states? “Noodling” is the sport! Noodling is a style of catching fish. Have you seen any shows about handfishing? Then you’ve seen someone noodle (? is that the right verb?) To go noodling, you go out to a river in a group of 3-5 people, and then you stick your arm into a hole in the river-side wall until you find a fish. Then just put your hand in its mouth, pull it out, and your friends will help you get a line through it. What, that doesn’t sound easy? If you’re intrigued, check out the click above to see the basics of noodling. And if you want to go, check if your state allows handfishing or not, and if not, then make sure to head to another state before embarking on this mission. If you want to go in Oklahoma, Paul’s Valley is an area that comes highly recommended for noodling. Here, you can find a few different tour guides who are willing to take you, your friends, and their buddies out to the river to show you just how this sport is done. Getting to Paul’s Valley is pretty easy: fly into Oklahoma City then rent a car, and head out to Paul's Valley. In fact, if you go to Paul's Valley's official website, you can find info about the yearly Okie Noodling competition, and even register yourself! It might be the perfect time to check it out. Noodling may not be for everyone, but if you’re looking for a unique day on your trip in the one of the thirteen states where it’s legal, you might want to give it a shot. At the very least, you might want to make your friends give it a shot and head out to watch them scream! Paul's Valley website: to check out the best of hillbilly handfishing!
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@mcgraffy @onesmile me too! just pull up a chair and watch :)
@onesmile @fallingwater yeah it would for sure get a laugh out of me
@mcgraffy @fallingwater I don't see the fun of it either, but I can see the fun in watching other people try it for the first time!
@onesmile @mcgraffy yeah I can't even catch a fish well on a rod let alone with my hands!!! It seems scary $!
@onesmile I'm just not sure what the fun of grabbing a fish out of a whole like this would be
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What is Ultra Long-Range Jet and How to find the Right company?
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Marrakech Tour Company
Marrakech Tour Company is a professional morocco travel agency that organizes trips around morocco we make sure to offer our customers touristic tours in Morocco, therefore we have a well-experienced team of guides who are ready to serve you. If you are planning a vacation Morocco is the perfect place to spend an unforgettable experience. If you have an idea of exploring the historic imperial cities, hiking the atlas mountains, camel trekking the golden sand dunes of the Sahara desert. and sleeping under the Berber tent, exploring Berber villages, and visiting the Atlantic coast, old centuries kasbahs, feel free to contact us anytime. Marrakech Tour Company always provides you camel trek to admire the sunset, sunrise. the dunes of morocco is a fascinating experience that you will ever have .it is full of fun, joy, discoveries, and wonderful souvenirs, especially when you ride on camels in the middle of the golden sand and spend the great night under the sky and stars, in addition, listening traditional music under the light of the stars. We have about 6 years of experience in this domain of travel. We use the best new comfortable A/C vehicles for all our private Morocco tours. We have a team of local drivers who have the best knowledge of driving in remote areas and busy cities. We will always take care of Our clients from the beginning until the end of the tour. this is our responsibility and the main goal to provide excellent transport services for our clients and provide fantastic Morocco tours. Camel trekking gives you a comfortable ride inside the desert dunes with a professional camel leader and the best nomadic tent(luxury Desert camp), air-conditioned cars pick you up to any of your preferred destinations and a driver/guide with great experience the length of your tour. We also provide airport transfers. Marrakech Tour Company provided private  Desert Tours whether, from Marrakech or Fes or Casablanca Or Tanger from all these cities you can start your first Tour in the city that you want until the end of the tour, it’s also can arrange customized travel plans and provide counseling for individuals, families and to meet their specific requirements at great value for money. Accommodations are carefully selected to provide comfort with the possibility to upgrade to luxury accommodations with the best local food. Our English-speaking drivers and guides are knowledgeable and experienced. We take you to the best attractions and sights of Morocco in comfortable and airconditioned 4×4 cars or Luxury Vans with enough space for your luggage and A/C to keep you cool or warm to fully enjoy your tour. Our Desert tours have been carefully planned out to present you with an experience filled with the awe-inspiring beauty and rich culture of each destination.
Do Emirates Give Refunds?
Do you believe to get a refund on Emirates Airlines? Get basic tips If you have booked a flight ticket online but want to cancel your due to not able to travel at the specified date and time, you must check out the refund process to get a refund easily. It is right that you can get a refund right after the flight cancellation on Emirates Airlines without facing any trouble. It is also said that if a refund is submitted before the completion of the journey, it is your booking that will be cancelled automatically, so fix this trouble instantly. If you find something wrong during the flight cancellation or getting a refund, you are required to go through the policies that assist you to get a refund in your account with Emirates Airlines quite easily. To learn more about getting a refund on Emirates Airlines, you are required to read some basic points now. 1. When you cancel your flight ticket within 24 hours before flight departure, you don't need to pay any single amount and send a refund request promptly. 2. You can expect a refund in your account if you have cancelled a flight ticket using its credit card and earn maximum points and deals to manage your account. 3. It is important to check out the refund details after the flight cancellation so that you can send a refund request from your account with Emirates Airlines. If you have given a valid reason to cancelled a flight, Emirates will allow you to send a refund request and wait for at least 7 working days to get a refund. If you are still asking that do Emirates give refunds or not, at this, you should contact our customer representative team that is available to assist you at any time. 
Fishing Community Giveaway (v.2.0!)
**UPDATED! Now includes the option of a fly reel!** After the success of the last giveaway, I've decided to set up one more giveaway! So, here it is! This time I'll only be giving away one reel, but you can choose which of the THREE reels you'd like to get!! NOW HERE IS HOW YOU WIN: ================================== Step 1: Install Vingle, and join the Vingle Fishing Community! Step 2: Contribute to the fishing community! (Contribution is measured by V Points and a description is below) > 1 of the 20 members with the most V Points this month will be randomly selected. ~This is shown under "Members" in fishing. ( ~Myself and @mcgraffy will choose from the "Rising Members for November" at the end of the month. ( > V Points are awarded for: ~When you get a like or clip on your post. ~When you get followers on your collections. ~When you like or clip other members' card. ~When you get likes on your comment. For those new to Vingle, these cards will be really helpful in how to work the app: Starting Vingle => Using Collections => Creating a Card => Community Guidelines => The main idea here is to get the community active and lively! Looking forwarding to getting to know all of you better. The winner can choose one of these three reels: Abu Garcia Revo Beast Shimano Stradic CI4 4000 FA Galvan Torque T8 Tight lines everybody!
Love It Or Hate It: Do You Like To Go Fishing?
Welcome to the Funny Community game, Love It Or Hate It! This game is really similar to Monday's 'No Good or So Good' food game - except this one deals a lot more with non-food things. Every week, I highlight a different thing that a lot of people either really love or really hate and see how our community feels overall! This week, I want to know: How do you feel about fishing? For some of us, fishing is a whole lot of fun outdoors! While others think the whole fishing thing is all kinds of savage. How about you? Is fishing something you LOVE or absolutely HATE to do? @Inaritricx @Taijiotter @AimeeH @XergaB20 @JustinaNguyen @RainaC3 @bnrenchilada @destiny1419 @arnelli @Luci546 @Ash2424701 @GingerMJones @zwdodds @LenaBlackRose @misssukyi @TerraToyaSi @kneelb4zod @BrookeStam @RachelParker @JaxomB @ultraninja10 @reyestiny93 @MattK95 @MajahnNelson @petname83 @BluBear07 @melifluosmelodi @ZoilaObregon @GossamoKewen95 @TracyLynnn @TiffanyWallace @VixenViVi @DenieceSuit @ButterflyBlu @CelinaGonzalez @MaighdlinS @maddiemoozer @VeronicaArtino @iixel @TomHawthorne @DominiqueThomas @ElizabethT @RiggaFoster @AluSparklez @kvnguyen @chris98vamg @WiviDemol @animechild51 @2Distracted @cthulu @jazziejazz @JessicaChaney @shantalcamara @J1mbleJ4mz @Beeplzzz @carmaa10 @MayraYanez @Kamiamon @HeatherWright @MischiefK1ng @SeoInHan @ShonA @KennyMcCormick @MooshieBay @IMNII @Ikpoper @humairaa @merryjayne13 @zoemvillarreal @lilleonz @ChristinaOMalle @AllieGrabowski @baileykayleen @KarleyFrance @Ticasensei @EasternShell @musicundefined9 @peahyr @TerrecaRiley @MoisEsGaray @atmi @AlidaGarman @sanRico @orenshani7 @jannatd93 @ReadAnimateSwim @Astrohelix @dimplequeen @ChildofSparda13 @grapetoes2000 @sarahpjane @LittleHorn @justinasarmento @deilig @GalaxyTacoCat @amobigbang @LAVONYORK @Jason41 @kpopdeluxegirl @BlackDragon88 @Bobs @paularasnick @Animaniafreak @YumiMiyazaki @Patmanmeow @MarvelTrashcan @kawaiiporpoise @Xiuyeolhyun @MaggieHolm @xDaisyDaysx @yaakattackk @Starbell808 @KyleBerke @fatimajj23 @GabrielMarques @Alletaire @kkimberlyy @Priscillasdoor @chrisg3584 @brandontearss @bradleygialamas @justme29 @buddyesd @changoleon @Sara3 @felicityautumn @ssora @MorghanPorter @IzamarPalomo @realjoy @Heartofgold35 @mscocoasupreme @MyFunkySpell @ChakiahWallace @Krystalstar22 @KarlythePanda66 @JoeyNelson @TonyLepera @dianes6711 @Aripendragon @MichelleHolly @AviannaLin @seouls @AustinThurston @Sammyjuicoooo @divanicola05 @RavenQueen0810 @captpeter @Kourtland @Tsukasakrdcd @MistyTaylorByrd @MariPili @TylerCassalata @SarahRegulski @Melodicballoon @heyitskat @KellerBertrand @jiggzy19 @gogglesghost @BanalataBera @JayAi @mpandy @Gibbous1992 @Kody18 @ctsr1 @iamaweirdoo @Jasminep96 @CynthiaForeman @MzDawson31508 @MundaneGirl @DeniseNishikawa @lvplus2 @YourConscience @Bose @wrightally15 @jla23 @tiffany1922 @bettytolliver @Pocahontas41 @Dojjin @MelissaGarza @donmarques6 @VanessaAcosta @HollasiS @karlkahambwe @LexTrilly @HikariAkuhei @xander1981 @LinnyOk @colvitt @Isolate @Birdy915 @Nerdydemigod @na11 @CristalTrujillo @camilletoomer @selfishmachines @JonanthanP
¿Cómo me comunico con aerolínea Spirit?
¿Cómo me comunico con aerolínea Spirit? Puede conectarse con nosotros de diferentes maneras, como puede comunicarse por teléfono móvil, tenemos la opción de chat en vivo, puede enviarnos un correo electrónico con respecto a sus consultas o problemas, incluso tenemos diferentes números para diferentes servicios y países, pero debe comprender por qué se queda en contacto con nosotros porque para cada información de nuestros servicios incluso usted puede conectarnos en las redes sociales para chatear en whatsapp o seguirnos en facebook, twitter e instagram. ¿Cómo contactar a una persona en vivo en el servicio al cliente de aerolínea Spirit? Si desea hablar con el equipo en vivo de aerolínea Spirit, puede hablar directamente a través de las diversas formas de comunicación. Pero si no sabe cómo hablar con persona en vivo de la aerolínea Spirit , puede seguir los siguientes métodos: Contacto a través del chat en línea: puede chatear en línea con la persona en vivo de aerolínea Spirit, donde brindan la asistencia pertinente sobre cada problema que enfrenta. Ellos brindarán ayuda a través del chat y también puede hacer una solicitud de devolución de llamada durante el chat para hablar con ellos directamente. Contacto por correo electrónico: Después de enviar un correo electrónico a una persona en vivo relacionada con sus problemas, el equipo de persona en vivo se revertirá con todas las soluciones posibles que pueden ayudarlo a resolver las consultas relacionadas con aerolínea Spirit. Contacto por teléfono: La mejor manera de comunicarse con el Servicio de atención al cliente de con persona en vivo de la aerolínea Spirit es un teléfono en el que simplemente puede marcar su número gratuito y hablar directamente con la persona en vivo para obtener soluciones orientadas a resultados en cada problema. Puede beneficiarse de su soporte las 24 horas del día, los 7 días de la semana desde todo el mundo a través de cualquier modo. El número de servicio al cliente de la aerolínea Spirit es 1 (802) 618-6067.
How Do I Contact Emirates Holidays?
Step by Step Guide to contact Emirates Holidays Emirates Holidays is one of the greatest airlines in the sector which provides excellent flights to leisure and holiday destinations. It provides its services to both international and domestic locations and is known for the best possible comfort it provides to its customers. If you have a booking or a reservation with Emirates Holidays but you have a set of queries which you need to sort out first but you do not have a clue on how to get in touch with the support team of Emirates Holidays then the below mentioned points will help you with same; Contact the support team of Emirates Holiday 1. Open the web browser of your Smartphone, Desktop PC or Laptop. 2. Visit the official website of Emirates Holidays. 3. Locate and click on the option of ‘Contact’ at the top right corner of the page. 4. It will then redirect you to a new web page consisting of different answers to frequently asked questions. 5. Scroll down till you find the section of ‘Contact Us’ 6. It will have the below mentioned ways to get in touch with the support team of Emirates; Phone Support- The official phone number is provided on the web page which is toll free, you can easily make a phone call between 10:00 am to 6:00 pm on Mondays to Saturdays. A live representative will connect with you on the other side of the line and will provide you with the assistance you require. Email Support- You can also draft an email and send it to the official email address of Emirates. You’ll then be getting a revert within the time span of 24 business hours. The above mentioned points will help you on the topic of How Do I Contact Emirates Holidays in a hassle free and timely manner.
3 days from Marrakech to Fes desert Tour
Discover authentic Morocco and contemplate the infinite spaces of the Sahara Desert during a 3 days tour of Marrakech to Fes sleep under the stars in a desert camp and spend a night in a traditional riad. Travel through the valleys of Dades and Dades gorges, see the fortified village of Ait Benhaddou, On a 3 Days Tour from Marrakech to Fes, you can experience the beauty of southern Morocco, such as the beautiful high mountains of Atlas, which you will enjoy the stunning scenery and ethnic Berber villages, your 3-day desert tour Marrakech to Fes, continues to see and visit the ksar of Ait ben Haddou the famous Kasbah was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1986 and Many films have been filmed at this spectacular site. We will continue to Ouarzazate to see Oscar Atlas film studio the biggest film studio in Morocco and Taourirt kasbah afterward our best Marrakech to Fes desert tour continues through the palm grove of Skoura, Rose valley known for its yearly rose festival and cosmetic products, the green Dades valley and fascinating Todra Gorge a famous place for rock climbing, Finally we’ll arrive at our favorite destination Merzouga – Erg Chebbi desert where we’ll experience the Camel ride to watch the sunset and spend a magical night out at Berber camp. ][The following day we’ll travel to Fes and stopped on our way to admire the panoramic view, A breakthrough photo of the Ziz-valley a beautiful view in the middle atlas mountains-Cedar forest of Azrou, and Ifrane and then to Fes.
Du lịch Phoenix chinh phục ngọn núi Camelback với khung cảnh tuyệt đẹp
Một trong những địa danh mang tính biểu tượng nhất tại thành phố Phoenix sôi động với thiên nhiên đa dạng rộng lớn đó là Núi Camelback, điểm đến tự nhiên thu hút khách du lịch này có hình dáng giống với đầu và bướu của một con lạc đà do đó mới có tên gọi là Camelback, nếu như bạn có cơ hội du lịch Phoenix đừng quên dành thời gian tham gia chuyến đi bộ leo núi để chiêm ngưỡng khung cảnh tuyệt đẹp mà Camelback mang lại nhé. Tham gia chuyến đi bộ leo núi chiêm ngưỡng khung cảnh tuyệt đẹp Camelback mang lại Có hai con đường mòn chính để lên đến Núi Camelback đó là Cholla Trail và Echo Canyon Trail, cả hai con đường đều khá gồ ghề và có độ dốc cao. Các con đường mòn tại đây giới hạn cho các loại xe di chuyển do đó du khách hãy lưu ý các biển báo hướng dẫn để di chuyển đến khu vực đậu xe dưới chân núi nhé. Đường mòn Cholla được những người không có nhiều kinh nghiệm leo núi lựa chọn bởi dễ dàng di chuyển hơn một chút và có phong cảnh đẹp hơn. Con đường đi qua sườn phía đông của ngọn núi này khá dốc và có nhiều mỏm đá gồ ghề, độ cao tăng dần khoảng 1,420 feet và có tổng chiều dài cung đường là 1,5 dặm. Đường mòn Cholla có phong cảnh đẹp và nhiều mỏm đá gồ ghề trên đường đi Echo Canyon Trail là cung đường có khoảng cách ngắn hơn với khoảng 1,2 dặm, tuy nhiên di chuyển trên cung đường này sẽ khó khăn hơn so với Cholla Trail và thích hợp cho những người có kinh nghiệm leo núi và đi bộ đường dài. Cung đường này chạy dọc theo sườn dốc phía tây của núi Camelback và ở một số đoạn trên cung đường này du khách sẽ có cảm giác như mình đang leo núi nhiều hơn là đi bộ đường dài. Echo Canyon Trail có khoảng cách ngắn hơn nhưng khó di chuyển hơn Cho dù lựa chọn di chuyển theo cung đường nào, du khách cũng sẽ nhận được phần thưởng xứng đáng cho công sức di chuyển của mình khi đặt chân đến đỉnh núi và chiêm ngưỡng khung cảnh hoàn hảo của Phoenix, Scottsdale và cảnh quan sa mạc xung quanh từ trên cao. Mặc dù khu vực này nằm cách xa sa mạc tuy nhiên bạn vẫn có cơ hội được nhìn thấy những loài động vật hoang dã xuất hiện khi di chuyển dọc theo những con đường mòn này chẳng hạn như chim cút, chim ưng, thằn lằn và thậm chí đôi khi còn xuất hiện rắn chuông tại đây. Đặt chân đến đỉnh núi chiêm ngưỡng khung cảnh thành phố hoàn hảo từ trên cao Chinh phục đỉnh núi Camelback là một hành trình đi bộ đường dài thử thách, do đó du khách đừng quên rèn luyện sức khỏe và nghỉ ngơi để đảm bảo có đủ thể lực chinh phục cung đường này, bên cạnh đó đừng quên mang theo nhiều nước uống bên mình. Leo lên đỉnh núi chắc chắn là một thách thức tuy nhiên khi leo xuống cũng vậy bởi không phải đoạn đường nào cũng có địa chất dễ dàng cho bạn đi xuống, do đó hãy nhớ không nên quá vội vàng khi di chuyển và nhường đường cho những người đi xuống nhanh hơn mình khi cần thiết nhé. Du khách hãy lưu ý là không được phép mang các loại thú nuôi vào khu vực này, do đó trước khi tìm đến chinh phục cung đường mòn trên Núi Camelback bạn hãy nhớ để thú cưng của mình ở lại khách sạn nhé. Cung đường leo núi này cũng rất phổ biến do đó sẽ có khá nhiều khách du lịch và những người leo núi địa phương tìm đến đây, thế nên sẽ khá khó cho những du khách nào muốn tìm kiếm không gian riêng tư tại đây. Khoảng thời gian đi bộ đường dài phổ biến nhất tại đây là vào các ngày cuối tuần trong tháng 4 và giữa tháng 10 do đó nếu như bạn thật sự muốn có không gian riêng tư không quá đông đúc có thể sắp xếp thời gian tìm đến đây vào một ngày trong tuần và vào sáng sớm trước khi nhiệt độ tăng lên quá cao. Tháng 4 và giữa tháng 10 là khoảng thời gian phổ biến để chinh phục núi Camelback Bên cạnh hành trình thử thách leo lên Núi Camelback, du khách có thể lựa chọn đi bộ dọc theo con đường mòn Bobby Rock có phần dễ dàng hơn, con đường mòn nãy cũng bắt đầu từ Echo Canyon Trail đưa du khách đến với khu vực của những khối đá sa thạch, thảm thực vật sa mạc và cảnh quan ấn tượng của Khu bảo tồn và Thung lũng Thiên đường Phoenix. Bobby Rock Trail đưa bạn đến khu vực của những khối đá sa thạch, thảm thực vật sa mạc
Gulf Coast Lionfish Invasion
This video might seem like a huge haul, but lion fish are an invasive population that are harming the waters of the Gulf. In response to the Lionfish population growth which has exploded since 2010, the Gulf Coast Lionfish Coalition has formed in hopes of lowering the population of these invasive fish. Why is it so hard to lower this population number? Because they are eating other fish that are huge sources of food for the area, and people aren't really accustomed to eating lionfish, so the population has nothing keeping it in check. Learn some facts about why lionfish are being hunted like in the video above, and, if you're in the area, do your part to get the lionfish off the reefs! --------------------------------------------------------- Lionfish Facts! - Lionfish are not native to the Gulf of Mexico. They originate from the Indo-Pacific, and it is believed that they spread into the Gulf after they were released by aquarium owners in South Florida. - The Lionfish (Pterois sp.) is a non-native, invasive species originally from the Pacific. - Lionfish possess 13 dorsal, 2 pelvic, and 3 anal spines that are venomous and can cause a very painful stick if not handled carefully. - Lionfish have no natural predators in the gulf. - Lionfish are very difficult to catch using traditional hook & line fishing methods. - Lionfish stomachs can expand over 30 times in volume after consuming a large meal. - Lionfish are capable of releasing 30,000 eggs per week.